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  • Published On: 26 March 2023|1.9 min read|

    Repeatable quests were added to Rise Online with the 5.0.0 update on 23 March 2023. In this article, we talk about how to complete these quests.

  • Published On: 20 March 2023|1.4 min read|

    In this content, we talk about how to obtain Twitch Common Chest, Twitch Elite Chest and Twitch Exclusive Chest by watching Twitch streams.

  • Published On: 30 August 2022|7.3 min read|

    A wide variety of armors, from Leather to Elite, can be earned by completing various quests in Rise Online World.

  • Published On: 22 August 2022|2.5 min read|

    In Rise Online, the quests that are most interesting to many players are those that give weapons and armor. In this article, we list the quests that give weapons as rewards.