Last updated on 3 June 2023.

There is a clan system in Rise Online where players can belong.

  • Clans are player “guilds” with a maximum of 30 players, including 1 leader and several assistants.
  • Players who are members of the same clan can enter the monthly ranking by collecting BP in PvP battles. Clans that are ranked are displayed on the ranking page on the official site.

Forming a Clan

1,000,000 Coins are required to create a clan.

  • Open Character Window by clicking U.
  • Next, proceed to the Clan tab.
  • Click the Create Clan button on the left.
  • Enter your clan name to the Clan Name field.
  • Application options:
    • Request: Other players can send you to request to the clan.
    • Join: Anyone who finds your clan from clan list can join, without any request.
    • Decline: No one can join your clan.
  • Description: A brief of description about your clan.
  • Required Level: Minimum level required to join your clan.
  • Required BP: Minimum BP (Battle Point) required to join your clan.

After filling all fields, you can create your clan for 1.000.000 Coins by clicking the Create button.

Clan Buildings

To be added soon…

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