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Rise Online: Lunaskar Rogue
Lunaskar Rogue

Rogue is one of the classes featured in Rise Online. The Rogue class, which can take on two different roles, Assassin and Archer, uses Dagger, Bow and Crossbow as items.

Starter items

Rogue roles


Assassins deal incredibly high damage to single targets. It has a camouflage ability that allows them to attack opponents unexpectedly. Sorcerers’ fearful dreams.


One of the best ranged damage-striking classes after Mages. Their mobility and defense is higher than wizards. Archers specialize in fighting both single and multiple enemies with long-range attacks.

Rogue weapons



  • Swift Shooter
  • Hearthseeker
  • Vixen
  • Elven Bow
  • Warbow

Rogue skill list

Requirements to unlock skills

SkillSkill book countCoins
Lv68 – Carnage — Assassination1525.000.000
Lv70 – Trick Shot — Archer1525.000.000
Lv73 – Blinding Thrust — Assassination2015.000.000
Lv73 – Critical Bolt — Archer2515.000.000
Lv75 – Slide — Assassination2515.000.000
Lv75 – Poisonous Mushroom — Archer2015.000.000
Lv75 – Mark the Weakling — Mastery 152515.000.000
Lv80 – Leeching Strike — Assassination2035.000.000
Lv80 – Astral Shot — Archer2030.000.000
Lv85 – Hunter’s Insight — Assassination2545.000.000
Lv82 – Explosive Bolt — Archer2030.000.000
Lv85 – Fatal Arrow — Archer2540.000.000
Lv85 – Distruptor — Scout2035.000.000
Lv85 – Confuse — Mastery 252030.000.000
TOTAL (ARCHER)150170.000.000
TOTAL (SCOUT)2035.000.000
TOTAL (MASTERY)4545.000.000

Skill book drops from solo and group dungeon bosses, also from Wisdom, Order, Age and Life monuments in Death Valley.

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