Rise Online: Lunaskar Rogue
Lunaskar Rogue

Rogue is one of the classes featured in Rise Online. The Rogue class, which can take on two different roles, Assassin and Archer, uses Dagger, Bow and Cross Bow as items.

Starter items


Assassins deal incredibly high damage to single targets. It has a camouflage ability that allows them to attack opponents unexpectedly. Sorcerers’ fearful dreams.


One of the best ranged damage-striking classes after Mages. Their mobility and defense is higher than wizards. Archers specialize in fighting both single and multiple enemies with long-range attacks.

Rogue Skill List

IconPoint / LevelSkill nameSkill description
1SlashDeal 80% of base attack damage to the enemy.
Cooldown: 0,5sMana: 2
Quick Shot1Quick ShotAn arrow shoot that every hunter learn it first. Causes 100% damage
Sprint1SprintIncreases self running speed by 50% for 10 seconds.
Cooldown: 6sMana: 2
Scratch3ScratchCause 100% damage + 20 additional damage.
Cooldown: 5,2sMana: 5
Hunt5HuntStab the target and deal 160% damage.
Cooldown: 5,2sMana: 5
Rapid Arrow5Rapid ArrowFire a shot to the target and deal 125% of base attack damage.
Mana: 7
Dash7DashIncreases the target’s running speed 50% for 10 minutes.
Mana: 15
Adrenaline25AdrenalineIncreases the attack power of you and your party members by 20% for 5 min.
Mana: 30
IconPoint / LevelSkill nameSkill description
Slash0SlashDeals 100% true damage.
Cooldown: 5,2sMana: 15
12Swift BlowStab the target and deal 150% damage.
Cooldown: 10,2sMana: 25
18Cut OffDeal 150% true damage.
Cooldown: 5,2sMana: 35
25Toxic DaggerInflicts 100% poison damage and decreases dagger defense by 10% for 10 seconds.
Cooldown: 25sMana: 85
32Fatal BlowStab the target and deal 250% damage.
Cooldown: 10,2sMana: 70
40Deep CutDeal 200% true damage.
Cooldown: 5,2sMana: 50
45CamouflageSteps into the shadow and becomes invisible for 80 seconds. Attacking cancels it. Next attack has a higher chance to deal critical damage.
Cooldown: 9sMana: 150
56SavageStab the target and deal 500% damage. If the target has 20% HP or lower, deals critical damage.
Cooldown: 11,2sMana: 105
60BloodlustDrain 10% HP from an enemy. Doesn’t work on bosses.
Cooldown: 60sMana: 120
64ShurikenThrows a shuriken at enemy.
Cooldown: 10sMana: 150
68CarnageDeal 400% true damage.
Cooldown: 5,2sMana: 155
IconPoint / LevelSkill nameSkill description
1Long ShotShoot an arrow that inflicts 150% damage to the target.
Mana: 20
6Fire ShotFire an arrow at target that causes fire damage.
Cooldown: 3,2sMana: 25
11Toxic TouchShoot a poisoned arrow at target to cause additional poison damage.
Cooldown: 7sMana: 10
12Charged ShotShoot an accurate arrow that deals 160% damage to the target.
Mana: 30
14Tripple ShotFire triple arrow causing base of attack damage.
Mana: 35
20True ShotShoot an accurate arrow that deals 120% damage to the target.
Mana: 30
30Arrow ShowerFires arrow to the sky to create an arrow shower in selected area.
Cooldown: 90sMana: 45
38Impressive ShotShoot an arrow that inflicts 250% damage to the target.
Mana: 100
48WindcutterShoot an accurate arrow that deals 240% damage to the target.
Mana: 150
50StepbackJumps back.
Cooldown: 120sMana: 150
52Fire BurstFire an arrow that explodes.
Cooldown: 4,2s
Mana: 50
54Critical ShotFire an arrow that deals critical damage.
Cooldown: 60sMana: 150
56Penta ShotFire five shots at once causing base of attack damage.
Mana: 165
60BloodwindShoot an accurate arrow that deals 320% damage to the target.
Mana: 210
62ThunderboltShoot an arrow that causes 240% damage. It has a chance to stun the enemy for 2 seconds.
Cooldown: 15sMana: 200
64Frost ArrowShoot an arrow that causes 240% damage. It has a chance to slow down the enemy.
Cooldown: 10sMana: 220
68Stunning BoltFires an arrow to the sky, after a short delay it rains down to stun enemies in a small area.
Cooldown: 120sMana: 280
70Trick ShotShoot an accurate arrow that deals 360% damage to the target.
Mana: 250
IconPoint / LevelSkill nameSkill description
4VanishVanish for 40 seconds from enemies sight. Moving cancels it.
Cooldown: 5,5sMana: 45
8Minor SacrificeSacrifices 375 mana points to recover 240 health points.
Cooldown: 0,5sMana: 375
16AvoidIncreases physical defense by 250.
Cooldown: 30sMana: 50
24RushIncreases self running speed by 100% for a short period of time.
Cooldown: 12sMana: 50
28WillpowerIncreases physical defense by 350.
Cooldown: 30sMana: 100
29DispelRemoves negative effects.
Cooldown: 1,2sMana: 50
32Sharp EyeSharpens your party members’ eyes to reveal camouflaged enemies.
Cooldown: 9sMana: 200
52Devotion(Passive) Decreases the taken physical damage by 5%.
64Deadly Touch(Passive) Increases critical hit chance by 5%. Doesn’t worn on archers.
IconPoint / LevelSkill nameSkill description
0Assassination(Passive) Increases 20% crit chance when HP is 20% or below. Doesn’t work on archers.
2Elemental ShieldIncreases all elemental resistances by 110 for 35 seconds.
Cooldown: 60sMana: 150
5Sacred Armor(Passive) Decreases the taken damage by 10%.
7Smoke BombUses a smoke bomb to escape the fight.
Cooldown: 60sMana: 300
10Who is Next(Passive) After killing an enemy, gains 20% crit rate for 10 seconds. Doesn’t stack.
Cooldown: 120s

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