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Rise Online: Protean Warrior
Protean Warrior

Warrior is one of the classes featured in Rise Online. The Warrior class, which can take on two different roles as Attacker Warrior and Defensive Warrior, can use following item types:

Starter weapon

Warriors start the game with a Broken Sword (+1).

Attacker Warrior

Fighters with high offensive power are indispensable for all wars and are the front line units. It specializes in many weapons that can be used with one hand and two hands. These warriors have always caused the break in wars between kingdoms.

Defensive Warrior

Defensive warriors are the class with the highest defensive and survival skills you can find in the kingdoms. They draw all the attention, creating time and opportunity for other high damage units such as mages and archers.

Warrior weapons

Among the most commonly used weapons of the Warrior class are the following:

Two handed Warrior weapons


One handed Warrior weapons

Right hand:

Both hand:

Warrior skill list

Skill book requirements

SkillSkill book countCoin
Lv70 – Smite — Attack1525.000.000
Lv72 – Spectral Spear — Attack2015.000.000
Lv75 – Whirlwind — Attack2515.000.000
Lv75 – Meditate — Defense2515.000.000
Lv75 – Concentration — Mastery 152515.000.000
Lv85 – Onslaught — Attack4065.000.000
Lv85 – Blood Sacrifice — Defense2535.000.000
Lv85 – Battle Rage — Mastery 252535.000.000
TOTAL (ATTACK)120140.000.000
TOTAL (DEFENSE)7565.000.000
TOTAL (MASTERY)5050.000.000

Skill book can be obtained from solo and group dungeon bosses, as well as Wisdom, Order, Age and Life Monuments in Death Valley.

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