Halloween Event

Halloween Event

Trickster Pumpkin

Halloween events will be held in-game from 31 October 2022, Monday to 7 November 2022, Monday.

You will be able to obtain cosmetic items from this event and it’s quests.

These items can only be worn as cosmetics and will not provide any bonuses.

There are quests you can do in Dorion region. These are as follows:

You can get Collectible Witch Hat (Dark Blue) / Collectible Witch Hat (Pink) / Collectible Trickster Hat for related quests by killing the Witchies in the Dorion starting area.

These creatures can only be killed with R and their respawn time is 1 minute.


You can also get Pumpkin and Lollipop by killing Spookies that appear in front of the Lunaskar and Protean Kingdom gates. It can only be atacked with R. Respawn time is 2 minutes.


Event Boss: Trickster Pumpkin

The Trickster Pumpkin boss that you can kill in the Death Valley monument area will respawn at 30-minute intervals. It can only be attacked with R.

Cadılar Bayramı Etkinliği

Trickster Pumpkin’s drops are as follows:

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