Last updated on 20 March 2023.

A wide variety of chests can be obtained from events, from Wooden Chest to Royal Chest, in Rise Online. You can see the drops from these chests below.

Royal ChestElite ChestGold ChestSilver ChestWooden Chest
Unique Weapon
Epic Weapon
Rare Weapon
Common Weapon
Unique Armor
Epic Armor
Rare Armor
Common Armor
Unique Accessory
Epic Accessory
Rare Accessory
Common Accessory
Rare Stones
Upgrade Scrolls
Weapon Shards
Armor Shards
Potion and Misc.


Twitch Common, Elite, Exclusive Chest

Shop products (potion, scroll, cloak etc.) can be obtained from these chests.

Chests’ sources

Royal ChestBlood Valley War event, the winner gets it.
Elite Chest – Blood Valley War, the losing side gets it.

Gold ChestCrystal Fortress War, the winner gets it.
Silver Chest – If the Crystal Fortress War event ends with draw, both sides get it.
Wooden Chest – Crystal Fortress War, the losing side gets it.

Twitch Common, Elite, Exclusive Chest – These chests can be obtained by watching Twitch broadcasts when drops are activated. For more info, click here.

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