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Fishing is one of the gathering Life Skills available in Rise Online World.

There are many types of seafood that can be obtained by Fishing in Rise Online. These are:

EXPDorionLunaskar KingdomProtean KingdomHaddar / Hagard
Blood Star (Lv1)36
Fishbone (Lv1)4
Horse Mackerel (Lv1)24
Blue Crab (Lv1)80
King Crab (Lv1)200
Mullet (Lv1)72
Old Sailor Boot (Lv1)
Strombus (Lv1)16
Bonito (Lv2)136
Cushion Star (Lv2)16
Perch (Lv2)152
Pigfish (Lv2)128
Pinfish (Lv2)112
Red Snapper (Lv2)164
Salmon (Lv2)176
Seabass (Lv2)104
Bluefin Tuna (Lv3)
Carp (Lv3)
Catfish (Lv3)
Clown Fish (Lv3)
Flounder (Lv3)296
Message in a bottle (Lv3)
Shrimp (Lv3)
Skipjack (Lv3)
Blue Marlin (Lv4)
Cod (Lv4)
Lobster (Lv4)
Puffer (Lv4)
Squid (Lv4)
Stingray (Lv4)
Swordfish (Lv4)

Fishing EXP amounts


How to catch fish?

A fishing rod is required for Fishing in Rise Online. Fishing rods are available from [Supply Merchant] Tarron NPC. Equippable just like a weapon, there are 4 different fishing rods that can be used, and each fishing rod is used to catch fish of a certain level:

  • Common Fishing Rod – 10.000 Coin (Level 1 seafood)
  • Rare Fishing Rod – 100.000 Coin (Level 1 and 2 seafood, Min. Fishing level 10)
  • Epic Fishing Rod – 1.000.000 Coin (Level 1, 2 and 3 seafood, Min. Fishing level 20)
  • Elite Fishing Rod – 10.000.000 Coin (Used to Fishing Death Valley. Min. Fishing level 20)
  • Unique Fishing Rod – 10.000.000 Coin (All seafood, Min. Fishing level 30)

Fish baits

Specific baits are required for fishing. It is enough to have these baits in the bag, at the moment there is no system such as attaching them to the fishing rods.

    • Worm: Basic fish bait. Usable from level 1.
      • Sold by [Supply Merchant] Tarron, also can be obtained from Archaeology excavation sites.
    • Horse Mackerel: It’s used to catch high level fishes in Haddar / Hagard using Unique Fishing Rod.
      • Can be obtained through Fishing.
    • Shrimp: It’s used to catch fishes in Death Valley using Elite Fishing Rod.
      • Can be obtained through Fishing. You can see where to obtain Shrimp(s) using which fishing rod from images below.

“Bait not found” error

This error happens when you don’t have enough / appropriate fish bait for your fishing rod. In order to catch fish, you need to have fish baits in your inventory.

Fishing spots

You can see the fishing points and the seafood species that can be caught from these spots below.

Dorion fishing spots
Dorion fishing spots
Haddar / Hagard balıkçılık noktaları
Haddar / Hagard fishing spots
Lunaskar Kingdom fishing spots
Lunaskar Kingdom fishing spots
Protean Kingdom fishing spots
Protean Kingdom fishing spots

Seafood attributes

  • Lv1 seafood:
    • Horse Mackerel: Bait for Unique Fishing Rod, and ingredient for Fish Soup in Cooking.
    • Mullet: Recovers 120 HP.
  • Lv2 seafood:
    • Bonito: Ingredient for Baked Bonito in Cooking.
    • Perch: Ingredient for Grilled Perch and Grilled Perch with Potatoes in Cooking.
    • Pigfish: Recovers 320 HP.
    • Pinfish: Restores 80 HP per 2s for 10s.
    • Red Snapper: Restores 100 MP per 2s for 10s.
    • Salmon: Ingredient for Salmon Steak and Salmon Steak in Tomato Sauce in Cooking.
    • Seabass: Recovers 240 HP.
  • Lv3 seafood:
    • Bluefin Tuna: Increases all stat attributes by 3 for 10 min.
    • Carp: Increases max HP by 100 for 10 min.
    • Catfish: Restores 160 HP per 2s for 10s.
    • Clown Fish: Increases gold gained from monsters by 5% for 10 min.
    • Flounder: Recovers 600 MP.
    • Shrimp: Bait for Elite Fishing Rod, and ingredient for Shrimp Saganaki in Cooking.
    • Skipjack: Increases max MP by 250 for 10 min.
  • Lv4 seafood:
    • Blue Marlin: Increases fishing speed by 10% for 20 min.
    • Cod: Increases poison resistance by 20 for 10 min.
    • Lobster: Ingredient for Baked Lobster in Cooking.
    • Puffer: Increases Fishing EXP gain by 20% for 20 min.
    • Squid: Restores 200 MP every 2s for 10s.
    • Stingray: Increases physical defense by 160 for 10 min.
    • Swordfish: Increases fishing success rate bu 20% for 20 min.

Blood Star, Old Sailor Boot etc. the rest are all trash, they don’t have any function (at least for now).

Notes regarding Fishing

  • You can’t use the items that recover HP or MP with instant potions at the same time. I.e. you cannot use Flounder and Great mana potion together. You can use one and then another.
  • You can use HP restoring items with instant potions. I.e. you can use Catfish and Great health potion at the same time. However you can’t use them with another HP/MP restoring items at the same time. I.e. you can’t use Catfish and Great HP Recovery Potion together.
  • Yo can use max HP and MP items with another Priest’s max HP/MP buffs together. So if you have 5.000 HP with the 2.000 HP buff, you can consume Carp to reach 5.100 max HP for 10 mins.
  • You cann’t use Stingray with a physical defense buff together. So if you already have a physical defense buff, you can’t consume Stingray.
  • Bluefin Tuna, Squid, Cod, Puffer, Blue Marlin and Swordfish are consumable with another buffs.
  • You need Worms to catch fish. Youcan get worms from Supply Merchant NPCs or Excavation Sites (Archaeology).
    • Fishing in Death Valley requires an Elite Fishing Rod, which can be bought from the [Supply Merchant] Tarron NPC. Shrimp, not Worm, can be used as bait on this fishing rod.
    • The bait required for the Unique Fishing Rod is Horse Mackerel.
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