Last updated on 12 June 2023.

There are two types of Premium services available in Rise Online that allow players to receive various bonuses.

Non-premium userElite PremiumRoyal Premim
PriceLife900 Rise Cash3350 Rise Cash
EXP loss4%2%2%
Auction House accessOnly buyingYesYes
Max. items you can sell on AH812
Max. listing periods for items on AH24 hrs48 hrs
1-30 EXP Bonus100%300%
31-50 EXP Bonus50%250%
51-60 EXP Bonus20%200%
61-75 EXP Bonus10%150%
76-85 EXP Bonus5%70%
Increased selling price on NPCs10%
Battle Point Bonus+5
Coin Bonus5%10%
Discount on item repair cost10%30%
Discount on item upgrade cost10%15%
Discount on travel cost10%25%
Discount on rune placement cost10%15%
Discount on crafting cost10%20%
Gathering EXP bonus10%20%
Gathering speed bonus10%20%
Crafting speed bonus10%20%
Crafting EXP bonus10%20%
Free stat and skill redistributionYesYes
Max. weight bonus10%20%
Gifts32.500 Coins
  • 1 Hours of Free ROW Assistant for Each Day
  • 1 Hour of Free ROW Assistant
  • 1000x Mega health potion
  • 1000x Mega mana potion
  • A random mount for 30 days
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