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Rise Online Questing Guide (Quest List)

Rise Online Questing Guide (Quest List)

One of the main elements of leveling up in Rise Online is quests. On this page, we try to list all the quests available in the game.

Dorion Quests (1-25)


Here is the questing order in Dorion:

  1. At Level 1: [Guide] Agatha and [Quest] Darcia, then between Level 1-10: [Quest] Ramas
  2. Between Level 10-15: Dorion Swamp: [Quest] Ena
  3. At Level 15: [Gardener] Popina, then between Level 15-25 Greenmore: [Quest] Aiden
Min. levelQuest nameNPCDescriptionReward(s)
1Buy an armor (Tutorial Quest)[Guide] AgathaBuy foot piece of Leather Set from Armor Merchant NPC.Leather Set (+2)
1Buy a weapon (Tutorial Quest)[Guide] AgathaBuy weapon from Weapon Merchant NPC.Silah (+2)
1Buy Potions (Tutorial Quest)[Guide] AgathaBuy one Small health potion and one Small mana potion from Potion Merchant NPC.60x Small health potion
60x Small mana potion
1Buy Supplies (Tutorial Quest)[Guide] AgathaBuy one Arrow, one Stone and one Adrenaline Potion from Supply Merchant NPC.40 EXP
1.000 Coin
10x Resurrection Cube
1x Common Upgrade Scroll
1Upgrade an item (Tutorial Quest)[Guide] AgathaUpgrade your weapon that you got from Buy a weapon (Tutorial Quest) quest to +2.2x Common Upgrade Scroll
1Obtain Starter Pack[Guide] DarciaDeliver the Deliver the message 1 [Dorion] item you got from Darcia to Agatha.1x Experience Increase Scroll
1x 200 HP Increase Scroll
1x 75 Physical Defense Scroll
1x Movement Speed Increase Scroll
1Go For A Hunt[Quest] RamasKill 5x Earth Worm.90 EXP
75 Coin
1Bloodsucking Little Creatures[Quest] RamasKill 5x Sand Worm.120 EXP
85 Coin
2What kind of beast is this?[Quest] RamasKill 7x Young Amphibian.360 EXP
260 Coin
1x Common Upgrade Scroll
3Fungus Elimination-I[Quest] RamasKill 5x Enraged Fungus.600 EXP
Bronze Earring
3Rat Catcher-I[Quest] RamasKill 5x Ratticus.450 EXP
350 Coin
3Rat Catcher-II[Quest] RamasKill 5x Giant Rat.300 EXP
220 Coin
3Stolen Food[Quest] RamasCollect 3x Cheese.600 EXP
500 Coin
4Prove That I’m Right[Quest] RamasKill 5x Wild Deer and 5x Antelope.600 EXP
1x Bronze Earring
5Rat Catcher-III[Quest] RamasKill 5x Monster Rat.1.200 EXP
1x Bronze Ring
6Fungus Elimination-II[Quest] RamasKill 4x Fungus.1.800 EXP
1x Bronze Earring
7Concerning Lumberjacks[Quest] RamasCollect 3x Stick.1.800 EXP
3x Common Upgrade Scroll
8Try Not To Laugh-I[Quest] RamasKill 6x Funny Tail.2.200 EXP
80x Small health potion
80x Small mana potion
8Try Not To Laugh-II[Quest] RamasKill 3x Big Tail.1.600 EXP
1.000 Coin
8Stomachs For Experiment[Quest] RamasCollect 5x Stomach.2.000 EXP
1.800 Coin
9Looks Tough But Soft Inside-I[Quest] RamasKill 5x Ganodark and 5x Ganolight.4.000 EXP
+6 weapon
9Try Not To Laugh-III[Quest] RamasKill 6x White Tail.2.600 EXP
2.000 Coin
10Looks Tough But Soft Inside-II[Quest] RamasKill 5x Ganoelite and 5x Ganoleader.4.400 EXP
80x Medium health potion
80x Medium mana potion
10Penetrating the Shell[Quest] RamasCollect 5x Stinky shell.4.800 EXP
1x Common Rune
10Kaleb’s Minions-I[Quest] EnaKill 6x Skull Minion.4.000 EXP
+5 Heavy Leather gauntlet
10Fisherman’s Request[Quest] EnaKill 8x Slimy.5.600 EXP
3.800 Coin
10Like A Glue[Quest] EnaCollect 3x Slime.4.000 EXP
3.600 Coin
11Strengthen Immunity[Quest] EnaKill 6x Sea Dragon.6.000 EXP
Bronze Earring
11Obtaining Liver[Quest] EnaCollect 3x Liver.4.800 EXP
Bronze Earring
11Sermon’s Punishment[Quest] EnaKill 7x Fishman.7.200 EXP
80x Medium health potion
80x Medium mana potion
11Fishbone For The Cat[Quest] EnaCollect 3x Fishbone.4.400 EXP
4.400 Coin
11Kaleb’s Minions-II[Quest] EnaKill 8x Summoned Skull.6.600 EXP
+5 Heavy Leather ayaklık
12Kaleb’s Minions-III[Quest] EnaKill 6x Fiend Skull.6.000 EXP
+5 Heavy Leather kafalık
12Kaleb’s Minions-IV[Quest] EnaKill 5x Dread Skull.7.800 EXP
+5 Heavy Leather pantolon
12Obtaining Skull Wings[Quest] EnaCollect 10x Skull Wing.9.600 EXP
+5 Heavy Leather göğüslük
12Crab or Scorpion?[Quest] EnaKill 6x Crabbion.7.000 EXP
Bronze Ring
12Mysterious Witch’s Needs[Quest] EnaCollect 3x Crabbion leg piece.4.800 EXP
Bronze Ring
13The Frog Prince[Quest] EnaKill 9x Wild Frog.11.200 EXP
60x Big health potion
60x Big mana potion
13Scaly Skin[Quest] EnaCollect 4x Wild frog skin.6.800 EXP
1x Common Rune
13Eliminating Giants[Quest] EnaKill 5x Giant.7.200 EXP
Belt of Town Guard
13Giant Teeth Necklace[Quest] EnaCollect 3x Tooth.7.200 EXP
5.200 Coin
14Horned Bears-I[Quest] EnaKill 5x Brown Bearlax.10.400 EXP
7.200 Coin
14Horned Bears-II[Quest] EnaKill 5x White Bearlax.11.000 EXP
7.400 Coin
14Bear Rug[Quest] EnaCollect 3x Brown fur and 5x White fur.8.000 EXP
3x Common Upgrade Scroll
14Painful Claws-I[Quest] EnaKill 6x Pit Scorpion.9.600 EXP
Bronze Necklace
14Painful Claws-II[Quest] EnaKill 6x Fire Scorpion.9.200 EXP
15Painful Claws-III[Quest] EnaKill 7x Red Scorpion.11.600 EXP
15Claw For Making Tools[Quest] EnaCollect 5x Scorpion claw.7.200 EXP
15Clearing The Garden-I[Gardener] PopinaKill 6x Shroom.8.800 EXP
Plate gauntlets
15Repelling Recipe[Gardener] PopinaCollect 3x Mushroom essence.6.800 EXP
6.600 Coin
15Clearing The Garden-II[Gardener] PopinaKill 7x Mushroom Head.9.600 EXP
Plate boots
15Examining Mushrooms[Gardener] PopinaCollect 3x Mushroom.7.200 EXP
6.800 Coin
16Arachnophobia[Quest] AidenKill 6x Spider.11.200 EXP
Plate helmet
17Denying Werewolves[Quest] AidenKill 7x Werewolf.12.800 EXP
Plate leggings
17Punishing Lycans[Quest] AidenKill 7x Lycan.13.600 EXP
Plate chest
18Sweeping Amphibian-I[Quest] AidenKill 8x Amphibian.16.400 EXP
80x Big health potion
80x Big mana potion
19Dangerous Wasps[Quest] ElenorKill 5x Wasp.9.800 EXP
Bronze Ring
19Find Out The Difference[Quest] AidenKill 6x Lycanthrophe.13.600 EXP
Bronze Ring
20Trolls Threat-I[Quest] AidenKill 12x Troll.27.200 EXP
21Saber-toothed Tigers-I[Quest] AidenKill 13x Smilodon.38.800 EXP
100x Big health potion
100x Big mana potion
21Trolls Threat-II[Quest] AidenKill 8x Elder Troll.25.600 EXP
22Skeletal Troops[Quest] AidenKill 7x Skeleton.28.800 EXP
Bronze Necklace
22Trolls Threat-III[Quest] AidenKill 7x Troll Chieftain.22.400 EXP
23Saber-toothed Tigers-II[Quest] AidenKill 6x Megantereon.23.600 EXP
13.000 Coin
20x Great health potion
20x Great mana potion
23End Of The Rebels[Quest] AidenKill 5x Guardfish.21.200 EXP
19.400 Coin
23Clearing The Graveyard[Graveyard Keeper] MarcoKill 5x Zombie Axeman and 5x Zombie Hammerman.30.400 EXP
Belt of Town Guard
23Blacksmith’s Belongings[Graveyard Keeper] MarcoCollect 1x Zombie Axe, 1x Iron mace.17.600 EXP
16.000 Coin
24Defeating Barbarians[Quest] AidenKill 7x Barbarian.26.400 EXP
23.600 Coin
25Final Proof[Quest] AidenKill 1x Faceless.22.000 EXP

Lunaskar Kingdom / Protean Kingdom Quests (25-60)

Lunaskar KingdomLevel (ranges)Protean Kingdom
[Quest] Zurock25-37[Quest] Ozra
[Quest] Vartan30-32[Quest] Darmus
[Quest] Atah30-43[Quest] Alec
[Quest] Nakhaz32[Quest] Lexia
[Quest] Chaka35-37[Quest] Duarte
[Quest] Ulreg44-53[Quest] Iceheart Harok
[Quest] Khal49-51[Quest] Adamar
[Quest] Grasha52-59[Quest] Shael
[Quest] Nambra59Arcaena
[Quest] Zurock60[Quest] Ozra
LevelQuest nameNPCDescriptionReward(s)
25Heavenly Garden[Quest] AlexiaDeliver the Deliver the message [For the Kingdom 1] to [Quest] Elia.33.600 EXP
25Hide and Seek[Quest] MerithDeliver the Deliver the message [For the Kingdom 2] to [Quest] Jassin.37.800 EXP
25For The Peace Of The Kingdom![Quest] Captain LeonarDeliver the Deliver the message [For the Kingdom 3] to [Quest] Aleister.41.400 EXP
Quest weapon
25Sweeping Trolls[Quest] Zurock
[Quest] Ozra
Kill 10x Troll.91.200 EXP
26Obtaining Fabrics[Quest] Zurock
[Quest] Ozra
Collect 8x Raw fabric.108.000 EXP
60x Great health potion
60x Great mana potion
26Show Your Strength[Quest] Zurock
[Quest] Ozra
Kill 11x Elder Troll.102.960 EXP
27Trolls The Wicked[Quest] Zurock
[Quest] Ozra
Kill 13x Troll Chieftain.131.040 EXP
100x Big mana potion
100x Big health potion
28Breaking The Chain[Quest] Zurock
[Quest] Ozra
Collect 5x Gold Chain.126.000 EXP
32.000 Coin
29Lisa’s Trails[Quest] OzraKill 13x Poisonous Scorpion.127.500 EXP
Silver Earring (6)
29Zulgha’s Trails[Quest] ZurockKill 13x Poisonous Scorpion.127.500 EXP
Silver Earring (6)
29Preparing Antidote[Quest] Zurock
[Quest] Ozra
Collect 10x Poisonous Scorpion tail.132.000 EXP
30Saber-toothed Cats[Quest] Atah
[Quest] Alec
Kill 15x Megantereon.216.000 EXP
Heavy Plate gauntlets
30Voices In The Night[Quest] Vartan
[Quest] Darmus
Kill 10x Zombie Axeman and 10x Zombie Hammermen.180.000 EXP
80x Great mana potion
80x Great health potion
31Eye of the Zombie[Quest] Vartan
[Quest] Darmus
Collect 4x Zombie Eye.120.000 EXP
31Blooded Goblet[Quest] Vartan
[Quest] Darmus
Collect 3x Goblet.144.000 EXP
20x Resurrection Cube
31Need More Cure[Quest] Zurock
[Quest] Ozra
Collect 6x Red Tail.150.000 EXP
36.000 Coin
31Never Ending[Quest] Vartan
[Quest] Darmus
Kill 10x Bloody Zombie.110.400 EXP
Silver Ring (6)
31Cleaning Up The Road[Quest] Zurock
[Quest] Ozra
Kill 13x Red Scorpion.146.640 EXP
Silver Ring (6)
31Insatiable Ogres-III[Quest] Zurock
[Quest] Ozra
Kill 14x Stenchbeast.252.000 EXP
Heavy Plate leggings
32Pigs Gone Mad[Quest] Nakhaz
[Quest] Lexia
14x Mad Pig öldürün.184.800 EXP
1x Rare Rune
32We’re Having A Feast![Quest] Nakhaz
[Quest] Lexia
4x Pork rib toplayın.180.000 EXP
32Frightening Screams[Quest] Vartan
[Quest] Darmus
12x Ghoul öldürün.144.000 EXP
34Insatiable Ogres-II[Quest] Zurock
[Quest] Ozra
13x Awful Beast öldürün.226.000 EXP
Heavy Plate helmet
34Insatiable Ogres-I[Quest] Zurock
[Quest] Ozra
12x Enraged Beast öldürün.201.600 EXP
Heavy Plate boots
34Dinner Time[Quest] Zurock
[Quest] Ozra
10x Flesh toplayın.300.000 EXP
Heavy Plate chestplate
35Shining Gold[Quest] Chaka
[Quest] Duarte
5x Gold bag toplayın.316.000 Coin
100x Big health potion
100x Big mana potion
35Goblin Rogue[Quest] Chaka
[Quest] Duarte
10x Furious Goblin öldürün.117.600 EXP
Silver Earring (7)
35Magical Necklace[Quest] Chaka
[Quest] Duarte
3x Talisman toplayın.120.000 EXP
Silver Earring (7)
35Greedy Goblins[Quest] Chaka
[Quest] Duarte
10x Goblin öldürün.115.200 EXP
20.160 Coin
36Cleaning Up The Shore[Quest] Zurock
[Quest] Ozra
15x Angry Crab öldürün.179.940 exp
36Ingredient For The Meal[Quest] Zurock
[Quest] Ozra
4x Red claw toplayın.180.000 EXP
100x Great health potion
100x Great mana potion
36Goblin Warchief[Quest] Chaka
[Quest] Duarte
10x Goblin Warrior öldürün.134.400 EXP
Silver Ring (7)
36Small But Effective[Quest] Chaka
[Quest] Duarte
5x Square Shield toplayın.120.000 EXP
30.000 Coin
37Deadly Bees[Quest] Zurock
[Quest] Ozra
17x Giant Hornet öldürün.304.920 EXP
37Hornet Essence[Quest] Zurock
[Quest] Ozra
5x Bug Essence toplayın.240.000 EXP
Golden Earring (8)
37Shamanic Power[Quest] Chaka
[Quest] Duarte
10x Shaman Goblin öldürün.175.200 EXP
Silver Ring (7)
37Recipe In The Pot[Quest] Chaka
[Quest] Duarte
3x Pot toplayın.62.400 EXP
51.000 Coin
38Vicious Beast[Quest] Atah
[Quest] Alec
16x Beast öldürün.322.560 EXP
38Obtaining Beast Heads[Quest] Atah
[Quest] Alec
3x Beast head toplayın.252.000 EXP
Traveller’s Belt (8)
39Two Headed Dogs[Quest] Atah
[Quest] Alec
18x Orthus öldürün.133.040 EXP
55.000 Coin
3x Experience Increase Scroll
39Collecting Collars[Quest] Atah
[Quest] Alec
4x Collar toplayın.288.000 EXP
100x Big health potion
100x Big mana potion
40Eye For Eye[Quest] Atah
[Quest] Alec
17x Beholder öldürün.374.000 EXP
3x 1500 Max HP Increase
40Evil Eye[Quest] Atah
[Quest] Alec
3x Beholder eye toplayın.264.000 EXP
41Frozen Guardian Of Matta[Quest] Atah
[Quest] Alec
18x Matta’s Ice Guard öldürün.453.600 EXP
3x 250 Defense Increase
41Obtaining Water Elements[Quest] Atah
[Quest] Alec
5x Water Essence toplayın.312.000 EXP
46.000 Coin
50x Ice Resistance Potion
42Elemental Guardian Of Matta[Quest] Atah
[Quest] Alec
19x Elemental Caster öldürün.490.200 EXP
77.600 Coin
3x Movement Speed Increase Scroll
42Obtaining Earth Elements[Quest] Atah
[Quest] Alec
4x Earth Essence toplayın.324.000 EXP
50x Lightning Resistance Potion
43Flame Guardian Of Matta[Quest] Atah
[Quest] Alec
20x Matta’s Fire Guard öldürün.542.400 EXP
43Obtaining Fire Elements[Quest] Atah
[Quest] Alec
5x Fire Essence toplayın.348.000 EXP
50x Fire Resistance Potion
44Barbarians Of Exile I[Quest] Ulreg
[Quest] Iceheart Harok
10x Barbarian öldürün.266.400 EXP
100x Big health potion
100x Big mana potion
44Flasks For Potions II[Quest] Ulreg
[Quest] Iceheart Harok
3x Flask toplayın.216.000 EXP
44Barbarians Of Exile II[Quest] Ulreg
[Quest] Iceheart Harok
10x Barbarian Orc öldürün.266.400 EXP
44Flasks For Potions III[Quest] Ulreg
[Quest] Iceheart Harok
3x Big Flask toplayın.216.000 EXP
80x Great health potion
45Don’t Get Poisoned[Quest] Ulreg
[Quest] Iceheart Harok
16x Poisonous Skeleton öldürün.501.120 EXP
45More Antidote[Quest] Ulreg
[Quest] Iceheart Harok
4x Poisonous bone toplayın.378.000 EXP
5x Rare Upgrade Scroll
45Frozen Threat I[Quest] Ulreg
[Quest] Iceheart Harok
20x Frost Soldier öldürün.633.600 exp
Quest weapon
46Frozen Threat II[Quest] Ulreg
[Quest] Iceheart Harok
20x Frost Warrior öldürün.662.400 EXP
46Frozen Threat III[Quest] Ulreg
[Quest] Iceheart Harok
20x Frost Knight öldürün.691.200 EXP
100x Big health potion
100x Big mana potion
47Frozen Threat IV[Quest] Ulreg
[Quest] Iceheart Harok
20x Frost Guard öldürün.748.800 EXP
47Collecting Frost Amulets[Quest] Ulreg
[Quest] Iceheart Harok
10x Frost amulet toplayın.900.000 EXP
47Durable Shield[Quest] Ulreg
[Quest] Iceheart Harok
5x Frost shield toplayın.504.000 EXP
1x Epic Upgrade Scroll
48Keepers Of The Forest[Quest] Ulreg
[Quest] Iceheart Harok
16x Treant öldürün.698.880 EXP
48Restoring The Nature[Quest] Ulreg
[Quest] Iceheart Harok
6x Wood piece toplayın.510.000 EXP
48Cleansing The Forest[Quest] Ulreg
[Quest] Iceheart Harok
18x Fiery Skeleton820.800 EXP
48A Ring With Power[Quest] Ulreg
[Quest] Iceheart Harok
3x Flame ring toplayın.528.000 EXP
Quest weapon
49Trees Are On Fire[Quest] Ulreg
[Quest] Iceheart Harok
16x Burning Treant öldürün.806.400 EXP
49Investigating Ancient Treants[Quest] Ulreg
[Quest] Iceheart Harok
3x Burned wood toplayın.546.000 EXP
100x Big health potion
100x Big mana potion
49They’re Getting Stronger[Quest] Khal
[Quest] Adamar
20x Hunter Orc öldürün.996.000 EXP
49We Are Surrounded[Quest] Khal
[Quest] Adamar
20x Stalker öldürün.969.600 EXP
50One-Eyed Giants[Quest] Ulreg
[Quest] Iceheart Harok
17x Cyclops öldürün.1.380.000 EXP
50Blacksmith’s Request[Quest] Ulreg
[Quest] Iceheart Harok
4x Huge mace toplayın.912.000 EXP
112.000 Coin
120x Great health potion
120x Great mana potion
50Stoned[Quest] Ulreg
[Quest] Iceheart Harok
22x Gorgon öldürün.1.308.000 EXP
50Assisting To Eliminate Orcs[Quest] Khal
[Quest] Adamar
20x Raider Orc öldürün.1.089.600 EXP
50Battle Brawlers[Quest] Khal
[Quest] Adamar
20x Orc Warrior öldürün.1.118.400 EXP
50Captain Awaits[Quest] Khal
[Quest] Adamar
20x Veteran Orc öldürün.1.158.000 EXP
51Collecting Orc Tokens[Quest] Khal
[Quest] Adamar
10x Orc token toplayın.2.400.000 EXP
2x Rare Rune
51We’re Under Attack[Quest] Khal
[Quest] Adamar
20x Orc Chieftain öldürün.1.212.000 EXP
100x Great health potion
100x Great mana potion
51Georgeous Hair[Quest] Ulreg
[Quest] Iceheart Harok
4x Hair toplayın.924.000 EXP
2x Epic Upgrade Scroll
52Deadly Saboteurs[Quest] Grasha
[Quest] Shael
20x Saboteur öldürün.1.644.000 EXP
Elite gauntlets
52Creepy Cyclops[Quest] Ulreg
[Quest] Iceheart Harok
18x Dread Cyclops öldürün.1.386.000 EXP
Elite boots
52Old Lads I[Quest] Grasha
[Quest] Shael
24x Oracle öldürün.2.130.000 EXP
Elite leggings
53Mythic Sash[Quest] Grasha
[Quest] Shael
6x Purple sash toplayın.1.680.000 EXP
Quest weapon
53Venomous Snakes[Quest] Ulreg
[Quest] Iceheart Harok
22x Snake Queen öldürün.1.518.000 EXP
Elite helmet
53Prove You’re Worth[Quest] Grasha
[Quest] Shael
5x Manticore tooth toplayın.1.728.000 EXP
54Into The Beast’s Lair[Quest] Grasha
[Quest] Shael
21x Manticore öldürün.1.980.000 EXP
Elite chestplate
54Clanguards Among Us[Quest] Grasha
[Quest] Shael
24x Clanguard öldürün.1.824.000 EXP
150x Great health potion
150x Great mana potion
55Peace At Last[Quest] Grasha
[Quest] Shael
20x Skullsplitter öldürün.2.076.000 EXP
120x Great health potion
120x Great mana potion
55Trading For Goods[Quest] Grasha
[Quest] Shael
8x Skull toplayın.2.640.000 EXP
1x Tome of Desire
55Rock Solid Golems I[Quest] Grasha
[Quest] Shael
22x Poisonous Rock öldürün.2.478.000 EXP
55Obtaining Poisonous Rock Pieces[Quest] Grasha
[Quest] Shael
5x Poisonous rock piece toplayın.2.480.000 EXP
1x Tome of Destruction
56The Bad Centaurs[Quest] Grasha
[Quest] Shael
15x Charming Centaur öldürün.1.932.000 EXP
200x Great health potion
200x Great mana potion
56Examining Fine Bows[Quest] Grasha
[Quest] Shael
4x Centaur Bow toplayın.1.440.000 EXP
3x Epic Upgrade Scroll
57Rock Solid Golems II[Quest] Grasha
[Quest] Shael
22x Flame Rock öldürün.3.168.000 EXP
57Obtaining Flame Rock Pieces[Quest] Grasha
[Quest] Shael
5x Flame rock piece toplayın.2.160.000 EXP
1x Epic Rune
58Harpy Hunt I[Quest] Grasha
[Quest] Shael
22x Harpy öldürün.2.988.000 EXP
58Harpy Hunt II[Quest] Grasha
[Quest] Shael
23x Scavenging Harpy öldürün.4.032.000 EXP
200x Great health potion
200x Great mana potion
59Harpy Hunt III[Quest] Grasha
[Quest] Shael
24x Ravenous Harpy öldürün.5.022.000 EXP
59Unlucky Me[Quest] Grasha
[Quest] Shael
10x Harpy foot toplayın.6.000.000 EXP
1x Tome of Desire
59Old Lads II[Quest] Nambra
24x Soothsayer öldürün.4.380.000 EXP
2x Unique Upgrade Scroll
59True Mythic Sash[Quest] Nambra
6x Soothsayers Red sash toplayın.3.240.000 EXP
120x Great health potion
120x Great mana potion
60Queen Of The Harpies[Quest] Zurock
[Quest] Ozra
25x Harpy Queen öldürün.6.940.000 EXP
1x Tome of Destruction
60Obtaining Blue Feathers[Quest] Zurock
[Quest] Ozra
6x Blue Feather toplayın.4.800.000 EXP

Narun Tower Quests (30-65)

Narun Tower

Min. levelQuest nameNPCDescriptionReward(s)
30Defeat Wild Shroom[Quest] NiaKill 20x Wild Shrooms.68.000 EXP
30Obtain Wild mushroom[Quest] NiaCollect 5x Wild mushrooms.50.000 EXP
30Defeat Cave Worm[Quest] NiaKill 20x Cave Worms.42.000 EXP
30Obtain Larva[Quest] NiaCollect 5x Larvas.32.000 EXP
35Defeat Red Tail[Quest] NiaKill 20x Red Tails.94.000 EXP
35Defeat Cobra[Quest] NiaKill 20x Cobras.72.000 EXP
40Defeat Giant Spider[Quest] NiaKill 25x Giant Spiders.188.000
40Obtain Spider leg[Quest] NiaCollect 5x Spider legs.69.000 EXP
40Defeat Archfiend Skull[Quest] NiaKill 25x Archfiend Skulls.144.000 EXP
40Obtain Skull wing[Quest] NiaCollect 5x Skull wings.104.000 EXP
45Defeat Void Golem[Quest] AriKill 30x Void Golems.248.000 EXP
45Obtain Void stones[Quest] AriCollect 5x Void stones.166.000 EXP
45Defeat Elder Skeleton[Quest] AriKill 30x Elder Skeletons.384.000 EXP
45Defeat Bladesman[Quest] AriKill 30x Bladesmans.356.000 EXP
45Obtain Blue earring[Quest] AriCollect 5x Blue earrings.576.000 EXP
20x Great health potion
40x Great mana potion
50Defeat Frost Fist[Quest] AriKill 30x Frost Fists.880.000 EXP
50Defeat Fire Fist[Quest] AriKill 30x Fire Fists.880.000 EXP
50Obtain Red earring[Quest] AriCollect 5x Red earrings.576.000 EXP
20x Great health potion
40x Great mana potion
55Defeat Chupabat[Quest] AriKill 35x Chupabats.1.488.000 EXP
55Obtain Bat wing[Quest] AriCollect 5x Bat wings.1.056.000 EXP
30x Great health potion
50x Great mana potion
55Defeat Hellhound[Quest] KaiKill 35x Hellhounds.2.640.000 EXP
60Defeat Draha[Quest] KaiKill 40x Drahas.3.920.000 EXP
60Defeat Gravebane[Quest] KaiKill 40x Gravebanes.6.240.000 EXP
60Defeat Lava Golem[Quest] KaiKill 40x Lava Golems.7.680.000 EXP
60Obtain Dragon skull[Quest] KaiCollect a Dragon skull.2.800.000 EXP
1x Epic Rune
60Obtain Fiery ring[Quest] KaiCollect 5x Fiery rings.4.080.000 EXP
30x Great health potion
50x Great mana potion
65Defeat Devourer[Quest] KaiKill 50x Devourers.39.520.000 EXP
65Defeat Spiderwoman[Quest] KaiKill 50x Spiderwomans.16.800.000 EXP
65Obtain Queen’s leg[Quest] KaiCollect 1x Spiderqueens leg.9.040.000 EXP
1x Unique Rune
100x Great mana potion

Haddar Lighlands / Hagard Castle Quests (60-70)

Haddar Lighlands / Hagard Castle

Min. levelQuest nameNPCDescriptionReward(s)
60Defeat Vampiric Bats[Quest] LilithKill 30x Vampiric Bat.7.692.000 EXP
52.000 Coin
60Defeat Black Mummies[Quest] LilithKill 30x Black Mummy.7.392.000 EXP
50.000 Coin
61Defeat Lizardmen[Quest] LilithKill 40x Lizardman.10.992.000 EXP
74.000 Coin
61Defeat Stingers[Quest] LilithKill 40x Stinger.11.680.000 EXP
79.000 Coin
61Obtain Stings[Quest] LilithCollect 8x Sting.7.200.000 EXP
62Defeat Venom Golems[Quest] LilithKill 60x Venom Golem.21.240.000 EXP
144.000 Coin
62Defeat Overseers[Quest] LilithKill 50x Overseer.19.956.000 EXP
135.000 Coin
62Obtain Rags[Quest] LilithCollect 5x Rag.10.400.000 EXP
62Defeat Cunning Harpies[Quest] LilithKill 60x Cunning Harpy.19.956.000 EXP
135.000 Coin
63Obtain Necrobooks[Quest] LilithCollect 10x Necrobook.15.200.000 EXP
63Obtain Red Feathers[Quest] LilithCollect 10x Red feather.16.400.000 EXP
63Defeat Crimson Harpies[Quest] LilithKill 80x Crimson Harpy.34.320.000 EXP
232.000 EXP
63Defeat Necromancers[Quest] LilithKill 80x Necromancer.31.040.000 EXP
210.000 Coin
64Obtain Lost Eyes[Quest] LilithCollect 10x Lost eye.14.400.000 EXP
64Obtain Nose Rings[Quest] LilithCollect 10x Nose ring.15.600.000 EXP
64Defeat Graveguards[Quest] LilithKill 60x Graveguard.33.888.000 EXP
228.000 Coin
64Defeat Dread Servants[Quest] LilithKill 60x Dread Servant.27.840.000 EXP
188.000 Coin
64Defeat Satyrs[Quest] LilithKill 60x Satyr.31.056.000 EXP
210.000 Coin
65Defeat Winged Maidens[Quest] LilithKill 60x Winged Maiden.31.440.000 EXP
212.000 Coin
65Obtain Skullhorns[Quest] LilithKill 10x Skullhorn.16.800.000 EXP
65Defeat Runic Golems[Quest] LilithKill 60x Runic Golem.32.520.000 EXP
220.000 Coin
65Obtain Runic Stones[Quest] LilithCollect 10x Runic stone.16.000.000 EXP
65Defeat Gravecrawlers[Quest] LilithKill 60x Gravecrawler.34.128.000 EXP
230.000 Coin
65Obtain Gravestones[Quest] LilithCollect 10x Gravestone.16.000.000 EXP
66Defeat Giant Fools[Quest] LilithKill 80x Giant Fool.47.904.000 EXP
323.000 Coin
66Obtain Brains[Quest] LilithCollect 10x Brain.19.200.000 EXP
67Obtain Book of Corruption[Quest] LilithCollect 1x Book of Corruption.27.200.000 EXP
1x Unique Upgrade Scroll
67Defeat Undead Kings[Quest] LilithKill 80x Undead King.55.680.000 EXP
380.000 Coin
67Defeat Troll Beasts[Quest] LilithKill 80x Troll Beast.13.300.000 EXP
360.000 Coin
67Obtain Swamp Soups[Quest] LilithCollect 10x Swamp Soup.24.800.000 EXP
68Defeat Grim Reapers[Quest] LilithKill 120x Grim Reaper.92.000.000 EXP
440.000 Coin
1x Epic Rune
68Obtain Death Notes[Quest] LilithCollect 5x Death note.30.400.000 EXP
69Obtain Ancient Writings[Quest] LilithCollect 1x Ancient writings.24.000.000 EXP
69Obtain Devil Whips[Quest] LilithCollect 6x Devil whip.26.000.000 EXP

Death Valley Quests (60-70)

Death Valley

LevelQuest nameNPCDescriptionReward(s)
60Objectives: Kill 10 enemies[Quest] Gurang10x rakip öldürün.120 Country CONT
240.000 EXP
60Objectives: Kill 20 enemies[Quest] Gurang20x rakip öldürün.240 Country CONT
480.000 EXP
60Objectives: Kill 50 enemies[Quest] Gurang50x rakip öldürün.600 Country CONT
1.200.000 EXP
60Objectives: Kill 100 enemies[Quest] Gurang100x rakip öldürün.1.200 Country CONT
2.400.000 EXP
Objectives: Kill 250 enemies[Quest] Gurang250x rakip öldürün.2.500 Country CONT
5.000.000 EXP
60Defeat Flame Rock[Quest] Gurang40x Flame Rock öldürün.250 Country CONT
500.000 EXP
60Defeat Brutal Frog[Quest] Gurang30x Brutal Frog öldürün.150 Country CONT
300.000 EXP
60Defeat Treants[Quest] Gurang20x Treant, 20x Burning Treant öldürün.200 Country CONT
400.000 EXP
60Defeat Guardfish[Quest] Gurang20x Elite Guardfish öldürün.100 Country CONT
200.000 EXP
60Defeat Matta’s Summonings[Quest] Gurang40x Matta’s Lightning Guard öldürün.200 Country CONT
400.000 EXP
60Defeat Poisonous Rock[Quest] Gurang40x Poisonous Rock öldürün.250 Country CONT
500.000 EXP
61Defeat Ravenous Harpy[Quest] Gurang40x Ravenous Harpy öldürün.300 Country CONT
600.000 EXP
61Defeat Cyclops[Quest] Gurang20x Cyclops, 20x Dread Cyclops öldürün.200 Country CONT
400.000 EXP
61Defeat Scavenging Harpy[Quest] Gurang40x Scavenging Harpy öldürün.300 Country CONT
600.000 EXP
65Defeat Necromancer[Quest] Gurang80x Necromancer öldürün.600 Country CONT
1.200.000 EXP
65Defeat Black Mummy[Quest] Gurang80x Black Mummy öldürün.500 Country CONT
1.000.000 EXP
65Defeat Archdemon[Quest] Gurang60x Archdemon öldürün.400 Country CONT
800.000 EXP
65Defeat Diviner[Quest] Gurang80x Diviner öldürün.500 Country CONT
1.000.000 EXP
65Defeat Satyrs[Quest] Gurang60x Satyr öldürün.400 Country CONT
800.000 EXP
65Defeat Undead King[Quest] Gurang120x Undead King öldürün.1.000 Country CONT
2.000.000 EXP
68Defeat Deathlord[Quest] Gurang120x Deathlord öldürün.800 Country CONT
1.600.000 EXP