Last updated on 20 July 2023.

Hagard Castle is a map accessible by the Protean race from level 59 onwards. The level range is 59-85. Lunaskar equivalent is Haddar Lighlands.

Hagard Castle mobs

  • Archdemon
  • Black Mummy
  • Bloodspiller
  • Bone Dragon
  • Crimson Harpy
  • Cunning Harpy
  • Dread Servant
  • Earth Golem
  • Giant Fool
  • Gravecrawler
  • Graveguard
  • Grim Reaper
  • Hellfire
  • Lizardman
  • Lord of the Undead
  • Mountain Harpy
  • Necromancer
  • Orc Commander
  • Overseer
  • Paralyzed Dragonkin
  • Rhoc
  • Runic Golem
  • Satyr
  • Stinger
  • Troll Beast
  • Tyrant
  • Undead King
  • Vampiric Bat
  • Venom Golem
  • Winged Maiden

Hagard Castle quests

Min. levelQuest nameNPCDescriptionReward(s)
60Defeat Vampiric Bats[Quest] LilithKill 40x Vampiric Bats.55.476.000 EXP
60Obtain Bat Wings[Quest] LilithObtain 5x Bat wings.12.550.000 EXP
60x Great health potion
60x Great mana potion
60Defeat Black Mummies[Quest] LilithKill 40x Black Mummies.53.376.000 EXP
60Defeat Mountain Harpies[Quest] LilithKill 40x Mountain Harpies.51.168.000 EXP
60Obtain Waist Bands[Quest] LilithObtain 5x Waist bands.11.620.000 EXP
60x Great health potion
60x Great mana potion
61Defeat Lizardmen[Quest] LilithKill 40x Lizardmans.58.176.000 EXP
61Obtain Lizardman Heads[Quest] LilithObtain 5x Lizardman heads.13.370.000 EXP
60x Great health potion
60x Great mana potion
61Defeat Stingers[Quest] LilithKill 40x Stingers.62.640.000 EXP
61Obtain Stings[Quest] LilithObtain 5x Stings.14.800.000 EXP
60x Great health potion
60x Great mana potion
62Defeat Venom Golems[Quest] LilithKill 50x Venom Golems.81.720.000 EXP
62Defeat Overseers[Quest] LilithKill 50x Overseers.75.600.000 EXP
62Obtain Rags[Quest] LilithObtain 5x Rags.16.250.000 EXP
80x Great health potion
80x Great mana potion
62Defeat Cunning Harpies[Quest] LilithKill 50x Cunning Harpies.70.560.000 EXP
63Defeat Crimson Harpies[Quest] LilithKill 50x Crimson Harpies.94.560.000 EXP
63Obtain Red Feathers[Quest] LilithObtain 10x Red feathers.19.700.000 EXP
80x Great health potion
80x Great mana potion
63Defeat Necromancers[Quest] LilithKill 50x Necromancers.91.920.000 EXP
63Obtain Necrobooks[Quest] LilithObtain 5x Necrobooks.18.650.000 EXP
80x Great health potion
80x Great mana potion
64Defeat Graveguards[Quest] LilithKill 50x Graveguards.140.640.000 EXP
64Defeat Satyrs[Quest] LilithKill 50x Satyrs.103.680.000 EXP
64Obtain Nose Rings[Quest] LilithObtain 5x Nose rings.21.600.000 EXP
80x Great health potion
80x Great mana potion
65Defeat Winged Maidens[Quest] LilithKill 50x Winged Maidens.115.200.000 EXP
65Defeat Runic Golems[Quest] LilithKill 60x Runic Golems.123.840.000 EXP
65Obtain Runic Stones[Quest] LilithObtain 5x Runic stones.25.800.000 EXP
80x Great health potion
80x Great mana potion
65Defeat Gravecrawlers[Quest] LilithKill 50x Gravecrawlers.147.840.000 EXP
65Obtain Skullhorns[Quest] LilithObtain 5x Skullhorns.30.300.000 EXP
80x Great health potion
80x Great mana potion
65Obtain Gravestones[Quest] LilithObtain 5x Gravestones.28.800.000 EXP
80x Great health potion
80x Great mana potion
66Defeat Giant Fools[Quest] LilithKill 50x Giant Fools.158.640.000 EXP
66Obtain Brains[Quest] LilithObtain 5x Brains.36.000.000 EXP
66Defeat Tyrants[Quest] LilithKill 60x Tyrants.163.200.000 EXP
350.000 Coin
67Obtain Book of Corruption[Quest] LilithObtain a Book of Corruption.43.200.000 EXP
67Defeat Undead Kings[Quest] LilithKill 60x Undead Kings.185.760.000 EXP
67Defeat Troll Beasts[Quest] LilithKill 50x Troll Beasts.179.136.000 EXP
67Obtain Swamp Soups[Quest] LilithObtain 10x Swamp Soups.40.320.000 EXP
68Defeat Grim Reapers[Quest] LilithKill 50x Grim Reapers.191.313.130 EXP
68Obtain Death Notes[Quest] LilithObtain 3x Death note.45.000.000 EXP
69Obtain Ancient Writings[Quest] LilithObtain an Ancient writings.60.066.600 EXP
69Defeat Archdemons[Quest] LilithKill 66x Archdemons.199.999.999 EXP
69Obtain Devil Whips[Quest] LilithObtain 3x Devil whips.66.666.666 EXP
70Sweeping Harpies[Quest] LilithKill 20x Mountain Harpies, 20x Cunning Harpies, 20x Crimson Harpies, and 20x Winged Maidens.206.400.000 EXP
70Sweeping Magicians[Quest] LilithKill 30x Overseers, 30x Necromancers, and 30x Undead Kings.220.800.000 EXP
80x Great health potion
80x Great mana potion
71Defeat Orc Commander[Quest] LilithKill the Orc Commander.153.600.000 EXP
71Obtain Orc Commander’s Helmet[Quest] LilithObtain an Orc Commander’s Helmet.38.400.000 EXP
72Defeat Bone Dragon[Quest] LilithKill the Bone Dragon.172.800.000 EXP
72Obtain Dragon’s Egg[Quest] LilithObtain a Dragon’s Egg.43.200.000 EXP
73Defeat Lord of the Undead[Quest] LilithKill the Lord of the Undead.160.000.000 EXP
73Obtain Undeadlord’s Staff[Quest] LilithObtain an Undeadlord’s Staff.48.000.000 EXP
74Defeat Bloodspiller[Quest] LilithKill the Bloodspiller.211.200.000 EXP
74Obtain Blodspiller’s Axe[Quest] LilithObtain a Bloodspiller’s Axe.52.800.000 EXP
75Defeat Hellfire[Quest] LilithKill the Hellfire.230.400.000 EXP
75Obtain Hellfire’s Sword[Quest] LilithObtain a Hellfire’s Sword.57.600.000 EXP
75Defeat Dread Servants[Quest] LilithKill 10x Dread Servants.240.000.000 EXP
75Obtain Lost Eyes[Quest] LilithObtain a Lost eye.60.000.000 EXP
200x Great health potion
200x Great mana potion
75Sweeping Undeads[Quest] LilithKill 40x each of Grim Reaper, Undead King, Gravecrawler and Graveguard.540.000.000 EXP
77Defeat Xayroth[Quest] LilithKill 120x Xayroths.800.000.000 EXP
77Collecting Materials II[Quest] LilithCollect 2x Desert Marigold, 2x Thyme, 2x Turmeric and 2x Peppermint.300.000.000 EXP
78Visit (Magnid)[Quest] LilithDeliver the Magnid’s Request to Magnid.140.000.000 EXP
78Visit (Bogar)[Quest] LilithDeliver the Bogar’s Request to Bogar.100.000.000 EXP
78Visit (Vanessa)[Quest] LilithDeliver the Vanessa’s Request to Vanessa.120.000.000 EXP
78Visit (Milla)[Quest] LilithDeliver the Milla’s Request to Milla.200.000.000 EXP
78Enhancing Ability[Quest] LilithCollect 2x Skill book.400.000.000 EXP
79Sweeping Hell Forces[Quest] LilithKill 2x Hell Guardian, 50x Archdemon, 50x Gravebane and 50x Hellhound.720.000.000 EXP
80Sweeping Mythical Creatures[Quest] LilithKill 2x Medusa, 50x Satyr, 60x Manticore and 60x Gorgon.840.000.000 EXP
81Defeat Rhoc[Quest] LilithKill 140x. Rhoc.920.000.000 EXP
82Defeat Earth Golem[Quest] LilithKill 160x Earth Golem. EXP
83Defeat Paralyzed Dragonkin[Quest] LilithKill 180x Paralyzed Dragonkin. EXP
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