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Narun Tower

Narun Tower

With a level range of 30-65, Narun Tower is one of the farm zones in Rise Online. It consists of many floors and mezzanine.

Narun Tower floors

Narun Tower mobs

  • Cave Worm
  • Wild Shroom
  • Cobra
  • Red Tail
  • Archfiend Skull
  • Giant Spider
  • Void Golem
  • Bladesmen
  • Elder Skeleton
  • Frost Fist
  • Fire Fist
  • Hellhound
  • Chupabat
  • Draha
  • Gravebane
  • Lava Golem
  • Devourer
  • Spiderwoman

Narun Tower NPCs

Narun Tower quests

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Min. levelQuest nameNPCDescriptionReward(s)
30Defeat Wild Shroom[Quest] NiaKill 20x Wild Shrooms.68.000 EXP
30Obtain Wild mushroom[Quest] NiaCollect 5x Wild mushrooms.50.000 EXP
30Defeat Cave Worm[Quest] NiaKill 20x Cave Worms.42.000 EXP
30Obtain Larva[Quest] NiaCollect 5x Larvas.32.000 EXP
35Defeat Red Tail[Quest] NiaKill 20x Red Tails.94.000 EXP
35Defeat Cobra[Quest] NiaKill 20x Cobras.72.000 EXP
40Defeat Giant Spider[Quest] NiaKill 25x Giant Spiders.188.000
40Obtain Spider leg[Quest] NiaCollect 5x Spider legs.69.000 EXP
40Defeat Archfiend Skull[Quest] NiaKill 25x Archfiend Skulls.144.000 EXP
40Obtain Skull wing[Quest] NiaCollect 5x Skull wings.104.000 EXP
45Defeat Void Golem[Quest] AriKill 30x Void Golems.248.000 EXP
45Obtain Void stones[Quest] AriCollect 5x Void stones.166.000 EXP
45Defeat Elder Skeleton[Quest] AriKill 30x Elder Skeletons.384.000 EXP
45Defeat Bladesman[Quest] AriKill 30x Bladesmans.356.000 EXP
45Obtain Blue earring[Quest] AriCollect 5x Blue earrings.576.000 EXP
20x Great health potion
40x Great mana potion
50Defeat Frost Fist[Quest] AriKill 30x Frost Fists.880.000 EXP
50Defeat Fire Fist[Quest] AriKill 30x Fire Fists.880.000 EXP
50Obtain Red earring[Quest] AriCollect 5x Red earrings.576.000 EXP
20x Great health potion
40x Great mana potion
55Defeat Chupabat[Quest] AriKill 35x Chupabats.1.488.000 EXP
55Obtain Bat wing[Quest] AriCollect 5x Bat wings.1.056.000 EXP
30x Great health potion
50x Great mana potion
55Defeat Hellhound[Quest] KaiKill 35x Hellhounds.2.640.000 EXP
60Defeat Draha[Quest] KaiKill 40x Drahas.3.920.000 EXP
60Defeat Gravebane[Quest] KaiKill 40x Gravebanes.6.240.000 EXP
60Defeat Lava Golem[Quest] KaiKill 40x Lava Golems.7.680.000 EXP
60Obtain Dragon skull[Quest] KaiCollect a Dragon skull.2.800.000 EXP
1x Epic Rune
60Obtain Fiery ring[Quest] KaiCollect 5x Fiery rings.4.080.000 EXP
30x Great health potion
50x Great mana potion
65Defeat Devourer[Quest] KaiKill 50x Devourers.39.520.000 EXP
65Defeat Spiderwoman[Quest] KaiKill 50x Spiderwomans.16.800.000 EXP
65Obtain Queen’s leg[Quest] KaiCollect 1x Spiderqueens leg.9.040.000 EXP
1x Unique Rune
100x Great mana potion

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