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  • A new crowd control and slow system benefiting from resistance and elemental damages has been prepared and activated for testing.
  • The issue caused when equipping 2x Dark Mamba items has been resolved.
  • The problem of skills not being removed after the Mount Race Event has been fixed.
  • The counting range of creatures in Dragon’s Lair dungeon missions has been increased.
  • The error in the Warrior class’s Resilient ability has been fixed.
  • Now, sleep abilities cannot be applied to boss-class creatures.
  • Sleep abilities have been disabled in dungeons.
  • The issue with the Clan feature “Dex Bonus” not working has been rectified.
  • Mount Race Swap and Blink skill icons have been changed.
  • The problem with the skill in the skill bar not working with right-click has been fixed.
  • Svaland and Kaleb Dungeon have been reactivated.
  • The warning FX area for Frosthorn, Gor’Khan, Shallow Fever, and Kaleb creatures’ area damage has been fixed.
  • The creatures during the monument protection phase in the Kaleb Dungeon map have been rearranged.
  • The writing error in the character level in the craft production section has been fixed.
  • The problem of not displaying an error message when the character level is insufficient has been resolved.
  • Teleport skill FX has been changed.
  • FX of some weapons has been revised:
Elven Bow
Lance of the Champion
Kaleb’s Hate
Dark Mamba
  • The issue of bulk heal skills in the ROW assistant not working has been resolved. Now, simply placing the desired skill in the first slot is sufficient.
  • The problem of “skill failed” when trying to use skills while the ROW is active has been fixed.
  • The problem of not being able to assign different buffs in the party while the ROW is active has been fixed.

Optimization and FPS

General optimization work has been done.