Last updated on 21 May 2024.

Rise Online: Lunaskar Rogue
Lunaskar Rogue

Rogue is one of four classes in Rise Online. Rogues, which can take on two different roles as Assassin and Archer, uses Daggers, Short Bows and Crossbows.

Rogue types


Assassins can deal incredibly high damage to single targets. They have a camouflage skill that allows them to chase and attack its opponents unexpectedly. They are the nightmares of wizards.


It is one of the classes that deal the best ranged damage after Mages. They have higher mobility and defense compared to mages. Archers specialize in fighting both single and multiple enemies with long-range attacks.

Rogue stat and skill distribution

Rogue stat distribution

Whether Assassin or Archer, the Rogue class gives as much Health as the chest armor they wear requires, and the gives the remaining stat points to Dexterity up to 255. When Dexterity reaches 255, which is the top limit for all five stats, the remaining points should be given to Health again.

There is a limit of 182 Health points for Rogues. Any points distributed after 182 do not affect Health. Health bonuses from accessories and other items doesn’t included to this limit.

Here are some chest armors that the Rogue class can wear and their required Health values:

Rogue Heavy Plate Cuirass
Rogue Elite Chestplate
Rogue Imperial Chestplate
Rogue Radiant Chestplate
Crafted and Enhanced versions of those, except the Radiant one, have the same stat requirements.

Archer skill distribution

As an archer, you must distribute points to the Archer tree according to your level (max. level 85) in your skill distribution. You can distribute the remaining points in 2 different ways:

  • If you are going to unlock Mastery 15 and 25 skills, distribute 15/25 points to Mastery and the remaining 32 points to Scout
  • or you can distribute 10 points to Mastery and 52 points to Scout.
    • Devotion, Scout 52 skill, reduces physical damage taken by 5%.

Assassin skill distribution

Unlocking the Confuse, Mastery 25 skill, is a must for Assassin. So you must distribute 85 skill points to Assassin, 25 to Mastery and 32 to Scout. A few points will left, so you can continue to give them to the Scout if you want, but it will still not be enough to unlock the next Scout ability, Devotion.

Rogue item suggestions

Rogues uses the same type of armor whether Archer or Assassin. There is no difference in armor usage like Priests.

Heavy Plate -> Elite -> Imperial -> Radiant


In order to increase your own survivability, you can equip the Ranger’s Shield or Rogue Shield, shields exclusive to the Rogue class, while escaping from your enemies.


See also: Accessories & Set Bonuses

Apart from these accessories, there are also various accessories that can be used depending on the occasion. For example; Longevity Belt, Gaia Belt, Firebreath, Belt of Anticipation etc.

Rogue skill list

Things needed to unlock skills

Skill books can be obtained from solo and group dungeon bosses, as well as from Lizardbane, Wyrmcaster, Lizardflame and Lizardblade creatures in Death Valley.

In addition to the skill book, you can also unlock your skills without spending Coins by using Tome of ability, which can be dropped from the final boss of Inferno Temple. With this method, 1 Tome of ability is used to unlock each skill.

SkillSkill book amountCoins
Level 68 – Carnage — Assassination1525.000.000
Level 70 – Trick Shot — Archer1525.000.000
Level 73 – Blinding Thrust — Assassination2015.000.000
Level 73 – Critical Bolt — Archer2515.000.000
Level 75 – Slide — Assassination2515.000.000
Level 75 – Poisonous Mushroom — Archer2015.000.000
Level 75 – Mark the Weakling — Mastery 152515.000.000
Level 80 – Leeching Strike — Assassination2035.000.000
Level 80 – Astral Shot — Archer2030.000.000
Level 85 – Hunter’s Insight — Assassination2545.000.000
Level 82 – Explosive Bolt — Archer2030.000.000
Level 85 – Fatal Arrow — Archer2540.000.000
Level 85 – Distruptor — Scout2035.000.000
Level 85 – Confuse — Mastery 252030.000.000
TOTAL (ARCHER)150170.000.000
TOTAL (SCOUT)2035.000.000
TOTAL (MASTERY)4545.000.000