Last updated on 29 May 2024.

Cotton is the most basic crafting material used in Tailoring.

Tailoring is one of the crafting life skills in Rise Online.

In addition to crafting yarn and fabric with Cotton gathered through Harvesting, Leather and Heavy Leather armor can be crafted with hides gathered through Skinning.

Tailoring EXP Amounts

Between 1-10402.000
Between 11-202.928.000
Between 21-309.972.000
Between 31-4046.080.000

Tailoring Crafted Items

Crafted Leather and Heavy Leather armor crafted by Tailoring are crafted as +5, while Enhanced Leather and Heavy Leather armors are crafted as +3.

Craft time (sec)EXP GainedCost
Level 1 – Cotton2306
Level 1 – Cotton Yarn36012
Level 1 – Fabric412024
Min. character level to craftMin. Smelting level to craftCraft time (sec)Cooldown (min)EXP GainedCost
Level 4 – L. gauntlets & boots21211601.600
Level 8 – H.L. gauntlets & boots1612402.400
Level 12 – L. helmets60121814003.600
Level 16 – H.L. helmets60162015404.800
Level 20 – L. pants70202416406.400
Level 24 – H.L. pants70243019607.200
Level 28 – L. chest armors70283211.2008.000
Level 32 – H.L. chest armors75323611.6009.600
L: Leather, H.L: Heavy Leather
  • Coins required to craft a Leather set: 21.200
  • EXP gained from a Leather set: 2.560
  • Time it takes to craft a Leather set: 98 seconds
  • Coins required to craft a Heavy Leather set: 26.400
  • EXP gained from a Heavy Leather set: 3.580
  • Time it takes to craft a Heavy Leather set: 118 seconds

Leather & Heavy Leather Set Bonuses

Crafted & Enhanced versions of Leather and Heavy Leather sets grants set bonuses when worn as a set (5 pieces). All five pieces must be at a minimum grade of +7 for these set bonuses to activate.

  • Crafted Leather Set
    • Attack Bonus Against All Creatures: 5%
  • Enhanced Leather Set
    • Attack Bonus Against All Creatures: 5%
    • Attack Bonus Against All Classes: 1%
  • Crafted Heavy Leather Set
    • Attack Bonus Against All Creatures: 5%
  • Enhanced Heavy Leather Set
    • Attack Bonus Against All Creatures: 10%
    • Attack Bonus Against All Classes: 1%

Total Required Material Amounts

1x Leather Set
1x Heavy Leather Set

Level 1


Level 4

Crafted Mage Leather Armbands
Enhanced Mage Leather Armbands
Crafted Mage Leather Sandals
Enhanced Mage Leather Sandals
Crafted Priest Leather Gloves
Enhanced Priest Leather Gloves
Crafted Priest Leather Boots
Enhanced Priest Leather Boots
Crafted Rogue Leather Armbands
Enhanced Rogue Leather Armbands
Crafted Rogue Leather Boots
Enhanced Rogue Leather Boots
Crafted Warrior Leather Bracers
Enhanced Warrior Leather Bracers
Crafted Warrior Leather Boots
Enhanced Warrior Leather Boots

Level 8

Crafted Mage Heavy Leather Gloves
Enhanced Mage Heavy Leather Gloves
Crafted Mage Heavy Leather Boots
Enhanced Mage Heavy Leather Boots
Crafted Priest Heavy Leather Gloves
Enhanced Priest Heavy Leather Gloves
Crafted Priest Heavy Leather Boots
Enhanced Priest Heavy Leather Boots
Crafted Rogue Heavy Leather Bracers
Enhanced Rogue Heavy Leather Bracers
Crafted Rogue Heavy Leather Boots
Enhanced Rogue Heavy Leather Boots
Crafted Warrior Heavy Leather Bracers
Enhanced Warrior Heavy Leather Bracers
Crafted Warrior Heavy Leather Boots
Enhanced Warrior Heavy Leather Boots

Level 12

Crafted Mage Leather Hat
Enhanced Mage Leather Hat
Crafted Priest Leather Cap
Enhanced Priest Leather Cap
Crafted Rogue Leather Cap
Enhanced Rogue Leather Cap
Crafted Warrior Leather Cap
Enhanced Warrior Leather Cap

Level 16

Crafted Rogue Heavy Leather Cap
Enhanced Rogue Heavy Leather Cap
Crafted Warrior Heavy Leather Cap
Enhanced Warrior Heavy Leather Cap
Crafted Priest Heavy Leather Cap
Enhanced Priest Heavy Leather Cap
Crafted Mage Heavy Leather Hat
Enhanced Mage Heavy Leather Hat

Level 20

Crafted Mage Leather Pants
Crafted Mage Leather Pants
Crafted Priest Leather Pants
Crafted Priest Leather Pants
Crafted Rogue Leather Pants
Crafted Rogue Leather Pants
Crafted Warrior Leather Pants
Crafted Warrior Leather Pants

Level 24

Crafted Mage Heavy Leather Pants
Enhanced Mage Heavy Leather Pants
Crafted Priest Heavy Leather Pants
Enhanced Priest Heavy Leather Pants
Crafted Rogue Heavy Leather Pants
Enhanced Rogue Heavy Leather Pants
Crafted Warrior Heavy Leather Pants
Enhanced Warrior Heavy Leather Pants

Level 28

Crafted Mage Leather Mantle
Enhanced Mage Leather Mantle
Crafted Priest Leather Vest
Enhanced Priest Leather Vest
Crafted Rogue Leather Jacket
Enhanced Rogue Leather Jacket
Crafted Warrior Leather Vest
Enhanced Warrior Leather Vest

Level 32

Crafted Mage Heavy Leather Mantle
Enhanced Mage Heavy Leather Mantle
Crafted Priest Heavy Leather Vest
Enhanced Priest Heavy Leather Vest
Crafted Rogue Steel Vest
Enhanced Rogue Steel Vest
Crafted Warrior Heavy Leather Vest
Enhanced Warrior Heavy Leather Vest