Last updated on 10 April 2023.

Dorion is the starting map for Rise Online. After Dorion, players go to their national maps, Lunaskar / Protean Kingdom.

Dorion map
Dorion NPC map.

Dorion mobs

  • Antelope
  • Big Tail
  • Brown Bearlax
  • Earth Worm
  • Enraged Fungus
  • Evil Fungus
  • Funny Tail
  • Ganoelite
  • Giant Rat
  • Lycan
  • Monster Rat
  • Ratticus
  • Sand Worm
  • Werewolf
  • White Tail
  • Young Amphibian

Dorion NPCs

  • [Guide] Darcia
  • [Quest] Aiden
  • [Quest] Ena
  • [Quest] Ramas
  • [Gardener] Popina

Dorion quests

Questing Guide – Rise Online

The quest below added with the Patch 5.0.0. You can see regular Dorion quests below.

You can obtain the quest items needed:

  • Dorion Sea Shell and Sea moss: Obtainable from Dorion’s shore.
  • Liverworth: Obtainable from Darkness Cavern.
  • Snail Shell: Obtainable from Dragon’s Lair. You can find them around the NPCs just after the Venomspiller.
Min. levelQuest nameDescriptionReward(s)
75Collecting Materials IObtain a Dorion Sea Shell, aLiverworth, a Snail Shell and a Sea shell.300.000.000 EXP

Here is the questing order in Dorion:

  1. One quest at the [Quest] Darcia to get beginner scrolls. After her, talk to [Guide] Agatha for tutorial quests.
    • Before going to Ramas, don’t forget to accept Need a companion from Agatha, which gives pet and mount as rewards.
  2. Talk to [Quest] Ramas for level 1-5 quests.
    • Don’t forget to accept Visit (Alexia) quest.
  3. Talk to [Quest] Alexia at the Coast for level 7 quests.
    • Don’t forget to accept Visit (Ena) quest.
  4. Talk to [Quest] Ena for level 10 quests in Dorion Swamp.
    • Don’t forget to accept Visit (Popina) quest.
  5. Talk to [Gardener] Popina in the Mushroom Garden for 15 quests.
    • Don’t forget to accept Visit (Aiden) quest.
  6. Talk to [Quest] Aiden in the Greenmore for level 15-22 quests.
    • Aiden is the final quest NPC in the Dorion. After completing all of her quests (or after reaching level 25), you can move into the Lunaskar / Protean Kingdom.
Min. levelMax. levelQuest nameNPCDescriptionReward(s)
1Obtain Starter PackStart: [Quest] Darcia
End: [Guide] Agatha
After taking the quest from Darcia just outside of Dorion, we’ve given a Deliver the message 2 [Dorion]. Return it to the [Quest] Agatha.1x Experience Increase Scroll
1x 200 HP Increase Scroll
1x 75 Physical Defense Increase Scroll
1x Movement Speed Increase Scroll
1Buy A Potion (Tutorial Quest)[Guide] AgathaBuy a Small health potion and Small mana potion from [Potion Merchant] Sybel NPC.60x Small health potion
60x Small mana potion
1Buy Supplies (Tutorial Quest)[Guide] AgathaBuy an Arrow, a Stone and a Worm from the [Supply Merchant] Tarron NPC.50 EXP
1.000 Coin
1x Resurrection Cube
1x Common Upgrade Scroll
1Upgrade An Item (Tutorial Quest)[Guide] AgathaBuy a Training Sword (+1), which you can buy from [Weapon Merchant] Jonas NPC, then upgrade it to +2.2x Common Upgrade Scroll
1Buy A Weapon (Tutorial Quest)[Guide] AgathaBuy a Training Sword (+1) from [Weapon Merchant] Jonas NPC.+2 weapon
1Buy An Armor (Tutorial Quest)[Guide] AgathaBuy a Warrior Leather Boots (+1) from [Armor Merchant] NPC.+2 Leather Set
1Need a companionStart: [Guide] Agatha
End: [Quest] Ramas
After taking the quest from Agatha, we’ve given a Deliver the message 2 [Dorion]. Return it to the [Quest] Ramas.1x Pet
1x Mount
175Go For A Hunt[Quest] RamasKill 5x Earth Worms and 5x Sand Worms.40x Medium health potion
40x Medium mana potion
175Rat Catcher[Quest] RamasKill 3x Giant Rats, 3x Ratticuses and 3x Monster Rats.600 EXP
600 Coin
+6 weapon
175Stolen Food[Quest] RamasCollect 3x Aarvad Essences.
Aarvad Essence drops off from all Dorion creatures.
480 EXP
480 Coin
3x Common Upgrade Scroll
175What kind of beast is this?[Quest] RamasKill 5x Young Amphibians.360 EXP
360 Coin
175Prove That I’m Right[Quest] Ramas5x Wild Deers and 5x Antelopes.960 EXP
960 Coin
575Concerning Lumberjacks[Quest] RamasCollect 3x Aarvad Essences.2.400 EXP
2.400 Coin
575Penetrating the Shell[Quest] RamasCollect 3x Aarvad Essences.3.600 EXP
3.600 Coin
575Fungus Elimination[Quest] RamasKill 3x Enraged Funguses, 3x Funguses and 3x Evil Funguses.1.600 EXP
1.600 Coin
Bronze Earring (5)
575Looks Though But Soft Inside[Quest] RamasKill 3x Ganodarks, 3x Ganolights, 3x Ganoelites and 3x Ganoleaders.3.200 EXP
3.200 Coin
Bronze Ring (5)
575Try Not To Laugh-I[Quest] RamasKill 3x Funny Tails, 3x Big Tails and 3x White Tails.2.400 EXP
2.400 Coin
60x Medium health potion
60x Medium mana potion
5Visit (Alexia)Start: [Quest] Ramas
End: [Quest] Alexia
Deliver the Ramas’ Request that you’ve received from Ramas to [Quest] Alexia.3.600 EXP
775Sermon’s Punishment[Quest] AlexiaKill 10x Fishmans.4.000 EXP
4.000 Coin
Heavy Leather helmet (+5)
775Crab or Scorpion?[Quest] AlexiaKill 10x Crabbions.4.000 EXP
4.000 Coin
Heavy Leather pantolon (+5)
775Like A Glue[Quest] EnaKill 10x Slimies.4.000 EXP
4.000 Coin
Heavy Leather kolluk (+5)
775Mysterious Witch’s Needs[Quest] AlexiaCollect 5x Aarvad Essences.4.000 EXP
4.000 Coin
Heavy Leather chest piece (+5)
775Strengthen Immunity[Quest] AlexiaKill 10x Sea Dragons.4.000 EXP
4.000 Coin
Heavy Leather boots (+5)
7Visit (Ena)Start: [Quest] Alexia
End: [Quest] Ena
Deliver the Alexia’s Request that you’ve received from Alexia to [Quest] Ena.4.000 EXP
1075The Frog Prince[Quest] EnaKill 10x Wild Frogs.6.400 EXP
6.400 Coin
1075Kaleb’s Minions[Quest] EnaKill 3x Skull Minions, 3x Summoned Skulls, 3x Dread Skulls and 3x Fiend Skulls.4.800 EXP
4.800 Coin
60x Medium health potion
60x Medium mana potion
1075Eliminating Giants[Quest] EnaKill 10x Giants.4.800 EXP
4.800 Coin
Belt of Town Guard (5)
1075Painful Claws[Quest] EnaKill 5x Pit Scorpions, 5x Fire Scorpions and 5x Red Scorpions.7.200 EXP
7.200 Coin
+6 Silah
10Visit (Popina)Start: [Quest] Ena
End: [Gardener] Popina
Deliver the Ena’s Request that you’ve received from Ena to [Gardener] Popina.7.200 EXP
1575Horned Bears[Gardener] PopinaKill 5x Brown Bearlaxes and 5x White Bearlaxes.9.600 EXP
9.600 Coin
1575Arachnophobia[Gardener] PopinaKill 6x Spiders.10.800 EXP
10.800 Coin
1575Bear Rug[Gardener] PopinaCollect 5x Aarvad Essences.9.600 EXP
9.600 Coin
1575Clearing The Garden-I[Gardener] PopinaKill 5x Shrooms and 5x Mushroom Heads.12.000 EXP
12.000 Coin
Bronze Necklace (5)
15Visit (Aiden)Start: [Gardener] Popina
End: [Quest] Aiden
Popina’dan alacağınız Popina’s Request adlı eşyayı [Quest] Aiden’a teslim edin.10.800 EXP
1575Denying Werewolves[Quest] AidenKill 5x Werewolves, 5x Lycans and 5x Lycanthropes.12.000 EXP
12.000 Coin
60x Big health potion
60x Big mana potion
1575Studying Werewolves[Quest] AidenCollect 5x Aarvad Essences.16.000 EXP
16.000 Coin
1575Sweeping Amphibian[Quest] AidenKill 5x Amphibians and 5x Elder Amphibians.18.000 EXP
18.000 Coin
1575Dangerous Wasps[Quest] AidenKill 10x Wasps.24.000 EXP
24.000 Coin
2075Collecting Fabrics[Quest] AidenCollect 10x Aarvad Essences.32.000 EXP
32.000 Coin
2075Saber-toothed Tigers[Quest] AidenKill 10x Smilodons and 10x Megantereons.36.000 EXP
18.000 Coin
60x Great health potion
60x Great mana potion
2075Proving Strength[Quest] AidenCollect 5x Aarvad Essences.40.000 EXP
40.000 Coin
2x Rare Upgrade Scroll
2075Trolls Threat[Quest] AidenKill 10x Trolls, 10x Elder Troll and 10x Troll Chieftains.72.000 EXP
32.000 Coin
2275Skeletal Troops[Quest] AidenKill 10x Skeletons.48.000 EXP
24.000 Coin
Plate chest piece
2275Clearing The Graveyard[Quest] AidenKill 5x Zombie Axemen and 5x Zombie Hammermen.48.000 EXP
24.000 Coin
Plate gauntlets
2275Blacksmith’s Belongings[Quest] AidenCollect 5x Aarvad Essences.48.000 EXP
24.000 Coin
Plate boots
2275End Of The Rebels[Quest] AidenKill 10x Guardfishes.48.000 EXP
24.000 Coin
Plate helmet
2275Defeating Barbarians[Quest] AidenKill 10x Barbarians.48.000 EXP
24.000 Coin
Plate pants
2275Final Proof[Quest] AidenKill 5x Facelesses.60.000 EXP
30.000 Coin
Quest weapon