Last updated on 16 May 2024.

Rise Online: Protean Warrior
Protean Warrior

Warrior is one of the classes in Rise Online. Warriors, which can take on two different roles: Attacker and Knight, can use the following item types:

Warrior roles


An Attacker Warrior is a type of Warrior that focuses on attacking a single target.


A Knight Warrior has some skills that deal various area damage in addition to single-target attack.

Warrior skill & stat distribution

Warrior skill distribution

Warrior skill distribution varies depending on Attacker or Knight gameplay. Whichever skill tree you progress through, give it as many points as your level, and give the remaining points to Defense, up to level 60. After hitting level 60, continue giving 1 point to the Attacker / Knight tree and 1 point to the Mastery tree.

Warrior stat distribution

In Warrior’s stat distribution, just like in Rogues, Health is distributed first as much as the chest armor to be worn is require. After enough Health is distributed, continue distributing Strength up to 255. Once Strength is hitting 255, all remaining points should be distributed to Health. Some of the chest armors that the Warriors can equip and their required Health values are as follows:

Warrior Heavy Breastplate
Warrior Elite Chestplate
Warrior Imperial Chestplate
Warrior Radiant Chestplate
Crafted and Enhanced versions of those, except the Radiant one, have the same stat requirements.

Warrior weapons

The most frequently used weapons of the Warrior class include:

Warrior skills

Things needed to unlock skills

Skill books can be obtained from solo and group dungeon bosses, as well as from Lizardbane, Wyrmcaster, Lizardflame and Lizardblade creatures in Death Valley.

In addition to the skill book, you can also unlock your skills without spending Coins by using Tome of ability, which can be dropped from the final boss of Inferno Temple. With this method, 1 Tome of ability is used to unlock each skill.

SkillSkill book amountCoins
Level 60 – Swordquake Slam — Knight1520.000.000
Level 70 – Smite — Attack1525.000.000
Level 72 – Spectral Spear — Attack2015.000.000
Level 75 – Whirlwind — Attack2515.000.000
Level 75 – Meditate — Defense2515.000.000
Level 75 – Rampage — Knight2040.000.000
Level 75 – Concentration — Mastery 152515.000.000
Level 80 – Earthshaker Strike — Knight2040.000.000
Level 85 – Onslaught — Attack4065.000.000
Level 85 – Blood Sacrifice — Defense2535.000.000
Level 85 – Soul Reaper — Knight4060.000.000
Level 85 – Battle Rage — Mastery 252535.000.000
TOTAL (ATTACKER)120140.000.000
TOTAL (DEFENSE)7565.000.000
TOTAL (KNIGHT)95160.000.000
TOTAL (MASTERY)5050.000.000