Last updated on 31 January 2024.

The Lunaskar Kingdom is the national lands of the Lunaskar race in Rise Online. The level range is 25-60.

Lunaskar Kingdom creatures

  • Troll
  • Elder Troll
  • Troll Chieftain
  • Zombie Axeman
  • Zombie Hammerman
  • Mad Pig
  • Ghoul
  • Megantereon
  • Bloody Zombie
  • Red Scorpion
  • Stenchbeast
  • Awful Beast
  • Angry Crab
  • Goblin
  • Furious Goblin
  • Goblin Warrior
  • Giant Hornet
  • Shaman Goblin
  • Beast
  • Orthus
  • Beholder
  • Elemental Caster
  • Barbarian Orc
  • Poisonous Skeleton
  • Frost Soldier
  • Frost Warrior
  • Frost Knight
  • Frost Guard
  • Fiery Skeleton
  • Treant
  • Burning Treant
  • Hunter Orc
  • Stalker
  • Raider Orc
  • Orc Warrior
  • Veteran Orc
  • Orc Chieftain
  • Cyclops
  • Gorgon
  • Dread Cyclops
  • Oracle
  • Snake Queen
  • Manticore
  • Clanguard
  • Poisonous Rock
  • Charming Centaur
  • Harpy
  • Scavenging Harpy
  • Ravenous Harpy
  • Soothsayer
  • Harpy Queen

Lunaskar Kingdom NPCs

  • [Quest] Atah
  • [Quest] Chaka
  • [Quest] Grasha
  • [Quest] Khal
  • [Quest] Nambra
  • [Quest] Nakhaz
  • [Quest] Ulreg
  • [Quest] Vartan
  • [Quest] Zurock

Lunaskar Kingdom quests

Quests – Rise Online

Min. levelQuest nameNPCDescriptionReward(s)
25For The Peace Of The Kingdom![Quest] TheronDeliver the Deliver the message [For the Kingdom 3] to [Quest] Makhul.72.000 EXP
25Sweeping Trolls[Quest] ZurockKill 10x Trolls, 10x Elder Trolls ve 10x Troll Chieftains.176.000 EXP
80x Great health potion
80x Great mana potion
25Obtaining Fabrics[Quest] ZurockCollect 5x Raw fabrics.80.000 EXP
25Croco Threat[Quest] ZurockKill 10x Crocos.80.000 EXP
27Cleaning Up The Road[Quest] ZurockKill 10x Red Scorpions and 10x Pit Scorpions.168.000 EXP
Bronze Necklace (6)
27Lisa’s Trails[Quest] ZurockKill 15x Poisonous Scorpions.136.000 EXP
Silver Earring (6)
27Preparing Antidote[Quest] ZurockCollect 3x Poisonous Scorpion tails.68.000 EXP
27Voices In The Night[Quest] Vartan
[Quest] Darmus
Kill 10x Zombie Axemans, Zombie Hammermans, Bloody Zombies and Ghouls.288.000 EXP
Silver Ring (6)
30Pigs Gone Mad[Quest] NakhazKill 20x Mad Pigs.196.000 EXP
Belt of Town Guard (6)
30We’re Having A Feast![Quest] NakhazCollect 3x Pork ribs.132.000 EXP
Heavy Plate chest piece
30Saber-toothed Cats[Quest] AtahKill 20x Megantereons.218.000 EXP
Heavy Plate gauntlets
32Insatiable Ogres[Quest] ZurockKill 10x Enraged Beasts, Awful Beasts and Stenchbeasts.320.000 EXP
Quest weapon
32Dinner Time[Quest] ZurockCollect 5x Fleshes.240.000 EXP
Heavy Plate helmet
33Greedy Goblins[Quest] ChakaKill 10x Goblins, Furious Goblins, Goblin Warriors and Shaman Goblins.540.000 EXP
100x Great health potion
100x Great mana potion
33Shining Gold[Quest] ChakaCollect 5x Gold bags.400.000 Coin
Heavy Plate pants
34Cleaning Up The Shore[Quest] ZurockKill 20x Angry Crabs.300.000 EXP
Heavy Plate chest piece
34Ingredient For The Meal[Quest] ZurockCollect 3x Red claws.160.000 EXP
35Deadly Bees[Quest] ZurockKill 20x Giant Hornets.372.000 EXP
35Hornet Essence[Quest] ZurockCollect 3x Bug Essences.180.000 EXP
35Vicious Beasts[Quest] AtahKill 20x Beasts.402.000 EXP
36Two Headed Dogs[Quest] AtahKill 20x Orthuses.482.000 EXP
36Eye For Eye[Quest] AtahKill 20x Beholders.540.000 EXP
37Guardians Of Matta[Quest] AtahKill 10x Matta’s Ice Guards, Matta’s Fire Guards and Elemental Casters.792.000 EXP
120x Great health potion
120x Great mana potion
37Obtaining Elements[Quest] AtahCollect a Water Essence, a Fire Essence and an Earth Essence.482.000 EXP
38Barbarians Of Exile[Quest] UlregKill 10x Barbarians and Barbarian Orcs.667.000 EXP
38Flasks For Potions[Quest] UlregCollect a Flask and a Big Flask.278.000 EXP
40Frozen Heart[Quest] UlregKill 10x Frost Soldier, Frost Warrior, Frost Knight and Frost Guard.1.160.000 EXP
Quest weapon
40Collecting Frost Amulets[Quest] UlregCollect 5x Frost amulets.712.000 EXP
41Keepers Of The Forest[Quest] UlregKill 10x Treants and Burning Treants.870.000 EXP
41Restoring The Nature[Quest] UlregCollect a Wood piece and a Burned wood.594.000 EXP
42Don’t Get Poisoned[Quest] UlregKill 20x Poisonous Skeletons.1.358.000 EXP
42More Antidote[Quest] Ulreg3x Poisonous bones.760.000 EXP
43Cleansing The Forest[Quest] UlregKill 20x Fiery Skeletons.1.454.000 EXP
43A Ring With Power[Quest] UlregCollect 3x Flame rings.780.000 EXP
44We Are Surrounded[Quest] KhalKill 20x Stalkers.1.600.000 EXP
Silver Earring (7)
45They’re Getting Stronger[Quest] KhalKill 20x Hunter Orcs.1.840.000 EXP
Silver Ring (7)
46Battle Brawlers[Quest] KhalKill 20x Orc Warriors.EXP: 2.100.000
Silver Necklace (7)
47Assisting To Eliminate Orcs[Quest] KhalKill 20x Raider Orcs.2.420.000 EXP
Belt of Town Guard (7)
48Captain Awaits[Quest] KhalKill 20x Veteran Orcs.2.880.000 EXP
160x Great health potion
49We’re Under Attack[Quest] KhalKill 20x Orc Chieftains.3.400.000 EXP
160x Great mana potion
49Collecting Orc Tokens[Quest] KhalCollect 20x Orc tokens.5.800.000 EXP
Quest weapon
50One-Eyed Giants[Quest] UlregKill 20x Cyclopses and Dread Cyclopses.7.980.000 EXP
3x Basic Defense Scroll
50Blacksmith’s Request[Quest] UlregCollect 3x Huge maces.4.800.000 EXP
51Stoned[Quest] UlregKill 5x Gorgons and Snake Queens.9.600.000 EXP
3x Basic Attack Scroll
51Georgeous Hair[Quest] UlregCollect 3x Hairs.6.000.000 EXP
52Old Lads I[Quest] GrashaKill 30x Oracles.9.900.000 EXP
180x Great mana potion
53Mythic Sash[Quest] GrashaCollect 5x Purple sashes.6.400.000 EXP
53Deadly Saboteurs[Quest] GrashaKill 20x Saboteurs.12.600.000 EXP
53Clanguards Among Us[Quest] GrashaKill 30x Clanguards.14.400.000 EXP
54Peace At Last[Quest] GrashaKill 30x Skullsplitters.16.000.000 EXP
54Trading For Goods[Quest] GrashaCollect 10x Skulls.11.200.000 EXP
180x Great health potion
55Into The Beast’s Lair[Quest] GrashaKill 30x Manticores.19.220.000 EXP
Elite gauntlets
55Rock Solid Golems I[Quest] GrashaKill 30x Poisonous Rocks.20.404.000 EXP
Elite boots
55Obtaining Poisonous Rock Pieces[Quest] GrashaCollect 3x Poisonous rock pieces.8.800.000 EXP
56Rock Solid Golems II[Quest] GrashaKill 30x Flame Rocks.25.200.000 EXP
Elite helmet
56Obtaining Flame Rock Pieces[Quest] GrashaCollect 3x Flame rock pieces.13.200.000 EXP
57Harpy Hunt[Quest] GrashaKill 20x Harpies, Scavenging Harpies ve Ravenous Harpies.49.440.000 EXP
Elite pants
57Unlucky Me[Quest] GrashaCollect 5x Harpy foots.15.400.000 EXP
58Old Lads II[Quest] NambraKill 30x Soothsayers.37.000.000 EXP
Elite chest piece
58True Mythic Sash[Quest] NambraCollect 3x Soothsayers Red sashes.19.600.000 EXP
59Hell Hounds[Quest] ZurockKill 40x Cerberuses.45.200.000 EXP
59Obtaining Cerberus Tails[Quest] ZurockCollect 3x Tail of Helldogs.19.200.000 EXP