Last updated on 10 July 2023.

Rise Rehberi is a Rise Online guide website that started its life in March 2022.

Our goal is to create a large archive of guides for Rise Online that will be useful to all players, and to help players at the points where they are stuck.

You can reach us on any issue such as requests, suggestions, complaints, advertisements and sponsorship agreements on our Contact page.

Is Rise Rehberi safe?

Rise Rehberi ( does not contain any content / code that will harm users visiting the site.

If you do not approve the cookies and tracking data displayed at the bottom of the screen during your first visit to the site, no data will be collected about you. The data collected when you give your consent is collected anonymously and is used only to improve the site.

The infrastructure of Rise Rehberi uses WordPress and the site is hosted on HayalHost servers.