Last updated on 16 May 2024.

Rise Online: Protean Priest
Protean Priest

Thanks to their single and multi healing skills and other buff skills, Priests protects their friends and increases their chances of survival. Those with debuff skills are indispensable in breaking the opponent’s defense.

The Priest class, which can take on three different roles as Buffer, Debuffer and Healer (CC), uses Mace, Greatmace, Greatsword and Shield.

Priest roles

The Priest class can basically take on 2 roles: INT Priest and Battle Priest (BP). While each of these 2 roles can be Buffer or Debuffer, INT Priests can also play as CC Priest.

Battle Priest (BP)

Battle Priest (BP) is a Priest type that focuses on being an “attacker” as they use damage focused weapons. Unlike INT Priests, you can be a BP by distributing Strength stats up to 255 and distributing all the remaining stats to Health. They use a two-handed weapons (like Greatmaces and Greatswords) and use a Leather Set (or Heavy Leather Set) with Strength bonus on that armor sets. They generally play as Debuffer and Buffer. If you are for farming, Debuffer BP will do the job.

INT Priest

Unlike Battle Priest, INT Priest, which has a defensive structure, uses a Shield as well as a one-handed weapon (like Maces). Intelligence stats are distributed as much as the chest armor worn, and the remaining stats are distributed to Health. They can undertake each of the following three roles:

Buffer Priest

In order to survive in big wars, great aid is required. Priest, the best utility class; thanks to their single and group strengthening skills, they protects many of their friends near them and increases their defense against incoming attacks.

Debuffer Priest

In the clash of forces, weakening the opponent is as important as supporting your friends. They play an important role in breaking the enemy’s defenses with their single and group weakening abilities.

Healer (CC) Priest

The most basic requirement for fighting is to survive. Thanks to their single and group healing skills, as well as their skill to remove debuffs, they lets many nearby friends to survive longer.

Priest skill and stat distribution

Priest skill distribution

Priests can distribute their skills according to the roles they will play.

  • INT Priest skill distribution: Soon…
  • Battle Priest (BP) skill distribution: At least 20 points should be distributed to Mastery skill family. Keen Strike in Mastery 20 is our core attack skill. We need to distribute the remaining skill points to Debuff and Healer. Of course, it’s up to you to play Buffer, you can choose that too.

Priest stat distribution

Priests should choose their stat distribution on whether they want to play INT Priest or Battle Priest (BP).

INT Priest stat distribution

As much Intelligence as required by the chest armor that we’ll equip should be distributed, and the remaining points should be distributed to Health. If the weapon we are going to equip requires more Strength than our default Strength points, we should distribute that much Strength and distribute the rest to Health.

Some INT Priest chest armor’s required Intelligence values are as follows:

Priest Heavy Plate Cuirass
Priest Elite Chestplate
Priest Imperial Chestplate
Priest Radiant Chestplate
Crafted and Enhanced versions of those, except the Radiant one, have the same stat requirements.

Battle Priest (BP) stat distribution

Distribute as much Intelligence as the Priest Leather Vest (or Priest Heavy Leather Vest, if you are going to wear it) requires, and distribute the rest to Strength, up to 255. If Health stats left to be distributed at the max-level, distribute them to Health. The Intelligence values required by some BP chest armors are as follows:

Note: Crafted and Enhanced versions of these chest armors crafted through Tailoring also have the same stat requirements.

Priest weapons

The Priest class uses various items depending on the role they play. Here are some of the weapons we can recommend:

Priest skill list

Things needed to unlock skills

Skill books can be obtained from solo and group dungeon bosses, as well as from Lizardbane, Wyrmcaster, Lizardflame and Lizardblade creatures in Death Valley.

In addition to the skill book, you can also unlock your skills without spending Coins by using Tome of ability, which can be dropped from the final boss of Inferno Temple. With this method, 1 Tome of ability is used to unlock each skill.

SkillSkill book amountFee
Level 66 – Miracle — Buffer1515.000.000
Level 67 – Retribution — Debuffer1515.000.000
Level 70 – Miracle — Healer1515.000.000
Level 70 – High Protection — Buffer1515.000.000
Level 70 – Mana Infusion — Debuffer2015.000.000
Level 70 – Superior Impact — Mastery 101525.000.000
Level 72 – Healing Circle — Healer2015.000.000
Level 72 – Infinity — Buffer2015.000.000
Level 72 – Invisible Curtain — Mastery 122515.000.000
Level 75 – Dispelling Aura — Healer2515.000.000
Level 75 – Vital Touch — Buffer2515.000.000
Level 75 – Great Cause — Debuffer2515.000.000
Level 80 – Blessed Restoration — Healer2030.000.000
Level 80 – Zealot — Buffer2030.000.000
Level 80 – TP Block — Debuffer2030.000.000
Level 80 – Keen Strike — Mastery 202040.000.000
Level 85 – Blessed Recovery — Healer2035.000.000
Level 85 – Divinity — Buffer2035.000.000
Level 85 – Missing Recovery — Debuffer2035.000.000
Level 85 – Reflective Shield — Mastery 252030.000.000
TOTAL (HEALER)125125.000.000
TOTAL (BUFFER)140140.000.000
TOTAL (DEBUFFER)125125.000.000
TOTAL (MASTERY)80110.000.000