Last updated on 14 June 2024.

Rise Online: Lunaskar Mage
Lunaskar Mage

Mage is a ranged class in Rise Online. Mages, who can cast Fire, Ice and Lightning spells, can inflict very high amounts of damage.

Mages can use Staves and Shields as items. You can find the list of all items in the game here.

Mage roles

Fire Mage

Fire mages bring destruction to wherever they are with the power they get from the fire element. They are effective at destroying groups by burning them, but their health and defense are low.

Ice Mage

Every step taken by ice wizards heralds freezing temperatures. By using the water element in the most effective way, they can defend themselves and inflict great damage on their enemies.

Lightning Mage

Lightning mages have impressive power over the sky. Using lightning, they can teleport short distances and surprise their enemies.

Mage staves

Staff that can be used by mages include:

Mage skill list

Things needed to unlock skills

Skill books can be obtained from solo and group dungeon bosses, as well as from Lizardbane, Wyrmcaster, Lizardflame and Lizardblade creatures in Death Valley.

In addition to the skill book, you can also unlock your skills without spending Coins by using Tome of ability, which can be dropped from the final boss of Inferno Temple. With this method, 1 Tome of ability is used to unlock each skill.

SkillSkill book amountCoins
Level 70 – Flame Meteor — Fire1525.000.000
Level 70 – Ice Meteors — Ice1525.000.000
Level 70 – Lightning Meteor — Lightning1525.000.000
Level 72 – Reflecting Blaze — Fire2015.000.000
Level 72 – Glacial Reflection — Ice2015.000.000
Level 72 – Reflection of Lightning — Lightning2015.000.000
Level 75 – Fire Trail — Fire2515.000.000
Level 75 – Icy Trail — Ice2515.000.000
Level 75 – Fast as Lightning — Lightning3050.000.000
Level 76 – Higher Magic — Mastery 162515.000.000
Level 80 – Burning Ray — Fire2525.000.000
Level 80 – Freezing Ray — Ice2525.000.000
Level 80 – Teleporting Portal — Lightning2515.000.000
Level 80 – Magic Weakness — Mastery 201010.000.000
Level 82 – Baton of Fire — Fire2020.000.000
Level 82 – Baton of Ice — Ice2020.000.000
Level 82 – Baton of Lightning — Lightning2020.000.000
Level 84 – Freezing Aura — Ice2540.000.000
Level 85 – Scorching Spray — Fire2530.000.000
Level 85 – Ice Spray — Ice2530.000.000
Level 85 – Lightning Spray — Lightning2530.000.000
Level 85 – Magic Curse — Mastery 251515.000.000
TOTAL (FIRE)155145.000.000
TOTAL (ICE)180185.000.000
TOTAL (LIGHTNING)160170.000.000
TOTAL (MASTERY)5040.000.000