Last updated on 30 December 2023.

Rise Online
We are ‘taking a break’ from Knight Online and rushing into the Rise Online…

Greetings, dear Rise Online players. With the release of Rise Online, many players are considering leaving Knight Online or taking a break and switching to Rise Online.

In order to make your transition process easier, we have prepared a practical, comparative guide to speed up the transition process for players who will leave Knight Online and start Rise Online.

In the tables below, you can see the equivalents of similar content between the two games, divided into categories.

If you haven’t played Knight Online before, you can check out our Beginner’s Guide to Rise Online World, instead of this guide.



Rise OnlineKnight Online
Protean KingdomEl Morad Castle (EMC)
Lunaskar KingdomLuferson Castle (Lufer)
Haddar Lighlands / Hagard CastleEslant
Death ValleyRonark Land (CZ)
Narun TowerAbyss

Item Types


Rise OnlineKnight Online
Short BowBow
SwordOne-handed Sword
GreatswordTwo-handed Sword
GreataxeTwo-handed Axe
GreatmaceTwo-handed Club
PolearmLong Spear


Rise OnlineKnight Online
LeatherGrade 1 (Fabric etc.)
Heavy LeatherGrade 2 (Linen etc.)
Heavy PlateFull Plate (FP)
ImperialChitin Shell
RadiantMythril, Dragon, Ron’s, Trial

Upgrade System

Just like Knight Online, Rise Online too has an Upgrade System that allows items to be upgraded.


While there are class and gender restrictions for races in Knight Online, you can freely play any race and any gender you want in Rise Online.

Life Skills

For more information click: Rise Online Life Skills

Another system that distinguishing Rise Online from Knight Online is Life Skills. It is possible to advance and earn money by progressing various Life Skills in game. For detailed information, you can visit our Life Skills guide.

Rune System

For more information, click here: Rune System

Unlike Knight Online, there is a feature called Rune System in items of Rise Online. Obtained items have rune slots depending on luck and extra bonuses are added to items by using these slots. You can find detailed information on the subject in our Rune System guide.