Last updated on 23 December 2023.

Rise Online has an upgrade system to advance items. With this system, many weapons and armor can be upgraded up to +9, rare accessories up to +3, epic and unique accessories up to +5 by using various scrolls.

Although the upgrade chances are different based on the type of each item and the scroll used, the developer team shared this information as a general summary at average chances. You can see these data in the tables below.

Note: By using Arcana Scroll, upgrade chances can be increased a bit.

Upgrade chances

Without Arcana Scroll:

Item gradeCommonRareEpicUnique
+4Very HighVery HighHighHigh
+8Very LowVery LowVery LowVery Low
+9Very LowVery LowVery LowVery Low
Without Arcana Scroll.

With Arcana Scroll:

Item gradeCommonRareEpicUnique
+8LowLowVery LowVery Low
+9Very LowVery LowVery LowVery Low
With Arcana Scroll.

Accessory upgrade chances

There are no failure chance to upgrade accessories. You can freely upgrade your accessories to any grade.