Last updated on 21 February 2024.

Armor Smithing is one of the crafting Life Skills available in Rise Online.

By combining (crafting) the required materials with this Life Skill, some armors that can’t be obtained by drop can be crafted.

Armor Smithing is compatible with Skinning, Smelting and therefore Mining. Materials obtained with these Life Skills are used in the production of Crafted Elite and Imperial armors.

Armor Smithing EXP amounts

Between 1-10804.000
Between 11-205.856.000
Between 21-3019.944.000
Between 31-4092.160.000

Armor Smithing crafted items

Min. level to craftCraft time (sec)Cooldown (min)EXP GainedCost
Lv1 (Elite gauntlets and boots)11062.400100.000
Lv8 (Elite helmets)11564.800150.000
Lv12 (Imperial gauntlets and boots)621286.000200.000
Lv16 (Elite pants)662467.200200.000
Lv20 (Elite chestpieces)703069.000250.000
Lv24 (Imperial helmets)7420812.000300.000
Lv30 (Imperial pants)8030816.000400.000
Lv36 (Imperial chestpieces)8336821.000500.000
  • Coin required to craft an Elite set: 800.000
  • EXP gained from an Elite set: 25.800
  • Time required to craft an Elite set: 89 seconds
  • Coin required to craft an Imperial set: 1.600.000
  • EXP gained from an Imperial set: 61.000
  • Time required to craft an Imperial set: 110 saniye

Set bonuses

Crafted and Enhanced versions of the Elite and Imperial sets give set bonuses when worn as sets (5 pieces). For this set bonuses to become active, all five pieces must be at a minimum grade of +6.

  • Crafted Elite set
    • Defense Bonus Against All Creatures: 5%
    • Defense Bonus Against All Classes: 1%
  • Enhanced Elite set
    • Defense Bonus Against All Creatures: 10%
    • Defense Bonus Against All Classes: 2%
  • Crafted Imperial set
    • Defense Bonus Against All Creatures: 5%
    • Defense Bonus Against All Classes: 2%
  • Enhanced Imperial set
    • Defense Bonus Against All Creatures: 10%
    • Defense Bonus Against All Classes: 3%

Total material amounts for Elite and Imperial sets

1x Elite Set
1x Imperial Set

Important note: For each Elite / Imperial armor piece, a base version of the corresponding piece is also required.

For example; Crafted Rogue Elite Bascinet requires a Rogue Elite Bascinet in addition to materials below.

Materials used in Armor Smithing:

  • Tanned Leather (Stag, Tiger, Wolf, Bear, Leopard, Elephant): Each one crafted via Leatherworking.
  • Iron Plate: Crafted through Smelting using Mining materials.
  • Titanium Plate: Crafted through Smelting using Mining materials.
  • Gold Plate: Crafted through Smelting using Mining materials.

Level 1

Crafted Mage Elite Gloves
Enhanced Mage Elite Gloves
Crafted Mage Elite Boots
Enhanced Mage Elite Boots
Crafted Priest Elite Gauntlets
Enhanced Priest Elite Gauntlets
Crafted Priest Elite Boots
Enhanced Priest Elite Boots
Crafted Rogue Elite Gauntlets
Enhanced Rogue Elite Gauntlets
Crafted Rogue Elite Greaves
Enhanced Rogue Elite Greaves
Crafted Warrior Elite Gauntlets
Enhanced Warrior Elite Gauntlets
Crafted Warrior Elite Greaves
Enhanced Warrior Elite Greaves

Level 8

Crafted Mage Elite Helm
Enhanced Mage Elite Helm
Crafted Priest Elite Helmet
Enhanced Priest Elite Helmet
Crafted Rogue Elite Bascinet
Enhanced Rogue Elite Bascinet
Crafted Warrior Elite Helmet
Enhanced Warrior Elite Helmet

Level 12

Crafted Mage Imperial Gloves
Enhanced Mage Imperial Gloves
Crafted Mage Imperial Boots
Enhanced Mage Imperial Boots
Crafted Priest Imperial Gauntlets
Enhanced Priest Imperial Gauntlets
Crafted Priest Imperial Boots
Enhanced Priest Imperial Boots
Crafted Rogue Imperial Gauntlets
Enhanced Rogue Imperial Gauntlets
Crafted Rogue Imperial Greaves
Enhanced Rogue Imperial Greaves
Crafted Warrior Imperial Gauntlets
Enhanced Warrior Imperial Gauntlets
Crafted Warrior Imperial Greaves
Enhanced Warrior Imperial Greaves

Level 16

Crafted Mage Elite Pants
Enhanced Mage Elite Pants
Crafted Priest Elite Pants
Enhanced Priest Elite Pants
Crafted Rogue Elite Tasset
Enhanced Rogue Elite Tasset
Crafted Warrior Elite Tasset
Enhanced Warrior Elite Tasset

Level 20

Crafted Mage Elite Chest Armor
Enhanced Mage Elite Chest Armor
Crafted Priest Elite Chestplate
Enhanced Priest Elite Chestplate
Crafted Rogue Elite Chestplate
Enhanced Rogue Elite Chestplate
Crafted Warrior Elite Chestplate
Enhanced Warrior Elite Chestplate

Level 24

Crafted Mage Imperial Helm
Enhanced Mage Imperial Helm
Crafted Priest Imperial Helmet
Enhanced Priest Imperial Helmet
Crafted Rogue Imperial Helmet
Enhanced Rogue Imperial Helmet
Crafted Warrior Imperial Helmet
Enhanced Warrior Imperial Helmet

Level 30

Crafted Mage Imperial Pants
Enhanced Mage Imperial Pants
Crafted Priest Imperial Tasset
Enhanced Priest Imperial Tasset
Crafted Rogue Imperial Tasset
Enhanced Rogue Imperial Tasset
Crafted Warrior Imperial Tasset
Enhanced Warrior Imperial Tasset

Level 36

Crafted Mage Imperial Chest Armor
Enhanced Mage Imperial Chest Armor
Crafted Priest Imperial Chestplate
Enhanced Priest Imperial Chestplate
Crafted Rogue Imperial Chestplate
Enhanced Rogue Imperial Chestplate
Crafted Warrior Imperial Chestplate
Enhanced Warrior Imperial Chestplate