Last updated on 21 February 2024.

Life Skills in Rise Online are trade-oriented abilities that can be used to collect, craft or improve items that can be used for various purposes and are progressed through levels.

Rise Online includes a total of 18 Life Skills divided into Gathering and Crafting categories. These life skills work in harmony with each other.

Class Bonuses

Life skills also provide speed bonuses to classes

Armor Smithing%5%5
Jewel Crafting%15%10
Weapon Smithing%5%5

Gathering Life Skills’ Tools

In order to use gathering life skills, the tool of the relevant life skill must first be purchased or crafted. The game has tools in 4 different quality for each gathering life skill: Common, Rare, Epic, and Unique.

Each tool gives EXP according to its quality and affects the gathering speed.

While Rare, Epic and Unique tools can be obtained through crafting, there is a chance to craft Enhanced versions. These Enhanced versions provide 3% bonus EXP on Rare, 5% bonus EXP on Epic and 7% bonus on Uniques.

Meslek seviyesiCharacter levelArchaeologyFishingHarvestingHerbalism
11Common ShovelCommon Fishing RodCommon SickleCommon Secateurs
1060Rare Shovel (Enhanced)Rare Fishing Rod (Enhanced)Rare Sickle (Enhanced)Rare Secateurs (Enhanced)
2070Epic Shovel (Enhanced)Elite / Epic Fishing Rod (Enhanced)Epic Sickle (Enhanced)Epic Secateurs (Enhanced)
3080Unique Shovel (Enhanced)Unique Fishing Rod (Enhanced)Unique Sickle (Enhanced)Unique Secateurs (Enhanced)
Meslek seviyesiCharacter levelMiningSkinningQuarryingWoodcutting
11Common PickaxeCommon Skinning KnifeCommon StonehammerCommon Wood Axe
1060Rare Pickaxe (Enhanced)Rare Skinning Knife (Enhanced)Rare Stonehammer (Enhanced)Rare Wood Axe (Enhanced)
2070Epic Pickaxe (Enhanced)Epic Skinning Knife (Enhanced)Epic Stonehammer (Enhanced)Epic Wood Axe (Enhanced)
3080Unique Pickaxe (Enhanced)Unique Skinning Knife (Enhanced)Unique Stonehammer (Enhanced)Unique Wood Axe (Enhanced)

Gathering Life Skills



Archaeology Guide

Related life skills: Jewel Crafting, Fishing

Items at 4 different levels can be obtained by excavating. Some items obtained through Archaeology are used in Jewel Crafting after processing them.



Fishing Guide

Related life skill: Cooking

You will get fish or seafood by using fishing rod in certain fishing areas. You will get a short-term buff by consuming some of these fish directly, some of them you will use in Cooking, and some of them in different things.



Harvesting Guide

Related life skills: Cooking, Tailoring

It is the life skill of gathering fruits, vegetables and cotton. The gathered items are used to craft food in Cooking and armor in Tailoring.



Herbalism Guide

Related life skill: Alchemy

Similar to Harvesting. Differently, it is a life skill where you gather plants, not fruits and vegetables, and make potions.



Mining Guide

Related life skill: Smelting

Valuable ores are gathered by mining mines scattered all over the zones. These ores are melted in Smelting and used in crafting in other life skills.



Quarrying Guide

Related life skill: Stonemasonry

Similar to Mining. Unlike Mining, special stones such as granite are gathered. It has gained great importance in the clan building system.



Skinning Guide

Related life skill: Leatherworking

There are different animals (deer, wild boar, bear, tiger, etc.) on different levels on the zones. By killing these animals, meat, leather or other items can be gathered. Meats are used in Cooking and leathers are used in Leatherworking.



Woodcutting Guide

Related life skill: Carpentry

It is the life skill of collecting wood by chopping trees. The gathered trees are turned into timber and then used in various craftings.

Crafting Life Skills


Alchemy Guide

Related life skill: Herbalism

It allows you to make different potions by combining plants and different items gathered through Herbalism.

Armor Smithing

Armor Smithing Guide

Related life skills: Smelting, Leatherworking

By combining (crafting) the desired materials with this life skill, some armors that cannot be obtained by drops can be crafted. Unlike the Tailoring or Leatherworking, better armors can be obtained.


Smelting Guide

Related life skill: Mining

By transforming the ores collected through mining into plates and sticks, materials will be crafted for both Armor Smithing and Weapon Smithing. For Smelting, there is a requirement to reach the relevant level in Mining, for the same reason as above.


Carpentry Guide

Related life skill: Woodcutting

By transforming the woods collected through Woodcutting into planks and lumber, the desired materials for Weapon Smithing can be obtained. In order to craft any level of Carpentry, it is necessary to reach the relevant level of Woodcutting.


Cooking Guide

Related life skill: Fishing, Harvesting

It allows you to cook using ingredients gathered through Harvesting, Skinning and Fishing. Bazı itemler ise ilgili NPC’lerden temin edilebilecek (örneğin; yumurta, ileride şehirlerde bazı bölgelerde tavuklar bulunabilir ve rastgele (random) sürelerde bu tavuklardan yumurta elde edilebilecek, süt de benzeri şekilde olabilir).

Jewel Crafting

Jewel Crafting Guide

Related life skill: Archaeology

Valuable crystals and jewels can be obtained by processing stones obtained through Archeology. These crystals and jewels can be used both in Jewel Crafting and can be required in certain circumstances. The relevant level of Archeology will be required for this life skill.


Leatherworking Guide

Related life skill: Skinning

A life skill in which the skins collected from animals are processed through Skinning, and Plate and Heavy Plate armors are crafted with these processed skins.


Stonemasonry Guide

Related life skill: Quarrying

Stones obtained through Quarrying can be processed into stone blocks or processed gemstones. Stoneblocks will be used to upgrade clan buildings or make war vehicles (catapults, etc.) in some war events. Processed precious stones will be required in quests related to Awakening skills according to classes. The relevant level of Quarrying is also required for this life skill.


Tailoring Guide

Related life skill: Harvesting

In addition to crafting yarn and fabric with the cottons collected through Harvesting, Leather and Heavy Leather armor can be crafted with these fabrics.

Weapon Smithing

Weapon Smithing Guide

Related life skills: Carpentry, Smelting

Weapons can be crafted by combining the desired materials with Weapon Smithing. These weapons may also be weapons that cannot be obtained through drops. They are not stronger than drops, but they are either good weapons used in different areas or slightly lower power compared to general use. They can be called weapons that you can use depending on the situation.