Last updated on 24 February 2024.

Rise Online has a clan buildings system that is included in the clan system.

In this system, players can unlock bonuses that they can provide to their clan by upgrading various buildings using materials and resources.

These bonuses are activated for a certain period of time and all clan members can benefit from these bonuses as long as they are active.

Clan Buildings

Totem / Monastery

Altar of Magic

Altar of Courage

Altar of Agility

Hunter’s Camp

Scout Camp

Mercenary Camp

Shaman Hut / Magic Tower



Bonuses of clan buildings

The effect duration of active building buffs is 2 hours. Passive buffs directly affect the clan (e.g. Main Hall). There is a 24-hour cooldown after use and you must repair the relevant building after 3 uses. When repairing, a nominal amount of material is required and there is no repair period, you can repair it directly.

How to upgrade clan buildings?

After opening up the clan buildings UI, click on the building you want to upgrade and then click on the green upgrade button underneath. The window that appears will show the number of resources and materials you need to upgrade the relevant building to the next level. If your clan has enough resources, you can start the upgrade process by clicking the Upgrade button.

Depending on the level of the relevant building, this period can range from 12 seconds to 20 days.

Some buildings are connected to other buildings for the upgrade process (for example, they are all connected to the Main Hall, while the Tavern is connected to the Warehouse).

Example: To upgrade the Tavern to level 3, you must have upgraded both the Main Hall and the Warehouse to level 3.

How to donate to the clan?

You can donate Rise Cashes, Battle Points and Coins via the Donate / Donation Logs option in the clan window. You can donate resources such as Oak Plank to your clan bank by right-clicking directly from your inventory.