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  • The issue of missing items from collector animals and creatures in dungeons has been resolved.
  • The problem of new items not appearing on the Auction House has been fixed.
  • The incorrect duration of incorrectly sent new Premium gifts has been corrected.
  • The room capacity of the Inferno Temple event has been increased.
  • The issue of the opponent’s name being visible in rooms during the Inferno Temple event has been fixed.
  • Adjustments have been made to the use of some abilities in the Inferno Temple event.
    • Teleporting Portal, Whirlwind, Fast as Lighting, Stepback, Swap, and Slide abilities are now restricted and cannot be used in all rooms except the last one.
  • The issue where the properties of the item / NFT cape were not active when the clan cape was selected has been fixed.
  • The incorrect duration of the R.O.W.A from Farm Premium has been corrected (120 mins > 60 mins).
  • Protean race dealing damage to newly added Lunaskar NPCs in the Death Valley map has been disabled.
  • The issue of the option window not closing when opening the Closed skill has been resolved.
  • Work has been done to address the issue of “PlayerName” appearing in some character names.
  • Issues related to invisibility in the Rogue class have been resolved.
  • The problem of collector materials falling underground has been fixed.
  • The issue of other characters not appearing for some players in the Mount Race event has been resolved
  • The automatic teleportation code issue in the R.O.W.A system has been fixed.
  • Issues with items that make the character transparent when worn have been fixed.
  • The production cost of “Enchant” parchments usable on clothing has been updated to 250.000 Coins.
  • The visual of the Online Merchant stand has been updated.
8.0.1 Mini Patch Notes