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General Changes

  • Items with white icons in Craft > Alchemy have been fixed.
  • Azurak creature respawn time reduced to 10 seconds.
  • Asparagus with Poached Egg now has a level 65 requirement to use it.
  • In the Life Skill section, you can see the amount of EXP required for the next level of the desired life skill by hovering your mouse cursor in the box.
  • Training Dummies added to the Dorion.
Training Dummy
  • The feature provided by the Asparagus with Tomatoes has been updated.
    • It allows you to obtain 7% more coin from creatures for 10 minutes.
  • The feature provided by the Zucchini with Sauce has been updated.
    • It repairs 60% of your items.
  • The feature provided by the Gathering Speed Potion has been changed.
    • Increases your crafting speed by 5%.
  • Satyr slot in Death Valley has been removed. It was replaced by the “Polyarmed” creature and added Defeat Polyarmed 2 quest to the Death Valley quest NPC.
  • Added Sweeping 1 & Sweeping 2 quest to Hagard and Haddar quest NPC.
  • Fixed the issue where The Wandering Guide quest for the Warrior class gave 2 pants rewards.
  • Visual work was done on the names and sizes of NPCs.
  • NPC FX have been adjusted.
  • Fixed the issue where your settings in Chat Settings were not saved.
  • A study was conducted on navigation problems in Dorion.
  • Fixed visual issue with the R.O.W. Assistant durations.
  • Block Player shortcut has been added to character information options.
    • It blocks the player’s PM, Trade, Party, Clan and 1vs1 requests.

Skill Changes

  • Mage
    • Higher Magic skill has been updated to level 76 (was 75).
    • Fast as Lightning skill updated to level 75 (was 80).
    • Teleporting Portal skill updated to level 80 (was 75).
  • Warrior
    • Rampage skill updated to level 75 (was 78).