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  2. The test version of Crystal Fortress event has been activated (there will be no reward distribution in the test version).


Crystal Fortress Event Rules

  1. The duration of the event is 30 minutes.
  2. The first team to reach 100 points in the event or the team with the highest score at the end of 30 minutes will win.
  3. Only when the points are equal or the team that is behind in points will gain points when they cut the “Crystal of Balance”.
  4. When you cut Crystal of Balance, you will gain 5 points. (Respawn timer: 2 minutes)
  5. When you cut Crystal of Chaos, you will gain 15 points. (Respawn timer: 5 minutes)
  6. You will gain 70 BP when you kill an enemy, and you will lose 30 BP when you die.
  7. Players that get too close to the enemy center will be automatically teleported to their center area.

Crystal Fortress Event Rewards

  • It will be activated after the test process.

  1. When you move your mouse cursor over the user whose name is not visible, you will now be able to see his name.
  2. The feature of filtering death announcements on PvP maps has been activated.


  1. When the durability of the items is over, the warning issue that does not appear on the screen has been fixed.
  2. When you reflect the chat item feature, the error that you can no longer write in the first part has been fixed.
  3. Narun dust etc. Fixed the issue where the red icon of the items obtained after breaking in the item opening system was displayed.
  4. When you enter the dungeons, a phrase showing how difficult you are has been added to the dungeon ending window that appears on the screen.
  5. When you write by reflecting items on the Death Valley map, the opposing race’s reading error has been fixed.
  6. Increased the probability of getting the necessary key items in rooms 1 and 3 in the Group Dungeon map.
  7. The usage error in the Catfish item has been fixed.
  8. The bug of the creature named Lizard Dragon not taking damage has been fixed.
  9. The destruction time of boss boxes in the group dungeon map has been increased.
  10. The distance error in the Weaken skill of the priest class of the Lunaskar race has been fixed.

Security updates

  1. Macro detection and Z block system has been updated.
  2. Automatic Captcha system has been updated. The game screen will be locked if you do not confirm the automatic captcha on the screen.
  3. Speed hack module has been updated. Players caught in the system will now be automatically removed from the game indefinitely.

Source: https://www.riseonlineworld.com/en/patch-notes/patch-notes-2-0-4