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  1. The NFT Character has been activated. You can convert your character as NFT.

For the NFT Character guide, click here!

A maximum of 1 soul-bound item can be moved during NFT character conversion.

Note: Banned characters cannot be converted to NFT. (Attack restriction, mute penalty, etc.)

  1. Cosmetics Exchanging system has been activated.

Guide for the costume exchanging, click here!

For instance, you have changed your nation as Protean, but you have a costume for Lunaskar nation. You can change this costume for Protean nation with this system.

Grouping of the costumes is based on the Market pricing. For example, you have a costume, which price is 1000 Rise Cash, it also offers you the option of a costume according to your class, which you can wear worth 1000 Rise Cash.

Note: You earn 10% inheritance on subsequent sales of that NFT.


  1. Rise Online World (Early Access) – All charms and set bonuses have been released.
new valiant and obsidian set jpg
warlord set jpg

Guide for the charms and set bonuses, click here!

  1. Some adjustments have been done for the Crystal Fortress War Event. (Participating problem of the Priest players.)
  2. Optimization works have been done for Blood Valley map.
  3. The Blood Valley event has been updated to 45 minutes. The problem of respawning on the event map after the user which disconnected in Blood Valley enters the game has been fixed.
  4. The bug of usage the skill named Shuriken, which is in skill tree of the Assassin class, has been fixed.

Source: https://forum.riseonlineworld.com/konular/patch-notes-2-0-7.12877/