Last updated on 8 September 2022.


  1. Auction House system has been activated. Fixed the issue where you could stack stackable items in the Market twice.
  2. Work has been done on event entry errors. Users who get an error on the login screen will start on the event map when they connect to the game again.
  3. The problem of skill bar sticking to the mouse has been fixed.
  4. R.O.W. Assistant testing process terminated.
  5. Power Up, Magic Puppet and Repair Hammer items have been added to the store. Click for details.
    • Power Up = R.O.W. available with Roco. Assistant extension scroll. (3 hours)
    • Magic Puppet = R.O.W. Assistant extension scroll. (7 hours)
    • Repair Hammer = R.O.W. Item repair scroll that can be used with Assistant. (20 pieces)