Rise Online: 4.1.0 Güncelleme NotlarıRise Online - 4.1.0 Patch Notes
Rise Online: 4.3.0 Güncelleme NotlarıRise Online - 4.3.0 Patch Notes

Last updated on 1 February 2023.

General Changes

  • The Christmas theme has been removed from maps.
  • The experience point rewards for the missions between Lv55-59 have been increased.
    • Into The Beast’s Lair
      • Pre-4.2.0: 18.220.000
      • Post-4.2.0: 19.220.000
    • Obtaining Poisonous Rock Pieces
      • Pre-4.2.0: 7.800.000
      • Post-4.2.0: 8.800.000
    • Rock Solid Golems I
      • Pre-4.2.0: 19.404.000
      • Post-4.2.0: 20.404.000
    • Obtaining Flame Rock Pieces
      • Pre-4.2.0: 12.200.000
      • Post-4.2.0: 13.200.000
    • Rock Solid Golems II
      • Pre-4.2.0: 23.200.000
      • Post-4.2.0: 25.200.000
    • Unlucky Me
      • Pre-4.2.0: 14.400.000
      • Post-4.2.0: 15.400.000
    • Harpy Hunt
      • Pre-4.2.0: 48.440.000
      • Post-4.2.0: 49.440.000
    • Old Lads II
      • Pre-4.2.0: 36.000.000
      • Post-4.2.0: 37.000.000
    • True Mythic Sash
      • Pre-4.2.0: 16.600.000
      • Post-4.2.0: 19.600.000
    • Queen Of The Harpies
      • Pre-4.2.0: 44.200.000
      • Post-4.2.0: 45.200.000
  • The bloodspiller creature’s health score has been updated in 4 stages.
  • The Aarvad Essence quest item has been adjusted to be available to all party members within the party.
  • The health score of the boss creature named Overlord on the Death Valley map has been updated in 5 stages, and the drop rates have been increased.
  • The drop rates of boss creatures named Naiad and Chupabat in the Death Valley map have been increased.
  • The Ancient Weapon drop rates of Black Mummy, Vampiric Bat, Lizardman and Stinger creatures in Haddar/Hagard maps have been slightly increased.
  • Fixed the glare issue on some weapons.
  • Added glow effect to Unique +6, Rare +7 and Epic +7 quality and rank weapons.
  • Ruby Ax item moved from “axe” weapon category to “spear/polearm” category. Its name was changed to Hellreaver. Damage value increased by 2 at each level.
  • The physical defense values of the shields named Shield of the King, Celestial Shield, Equalizer, Shield of Hope, Shield of Precision and Judgment Shield have been increased.
  • Fixed the issue where Mega Health Potion (7,000,000 coins) and Mega Mana Potion (10,000,000 coins) could not be sold on the Auction House (AH).
  • Lv41 character level requirement has been brought to sell store items.
  • Item pricing on Auction House has been updated to a minimum of 20,000,000 coins.
  • Removed multiple same key assignments to hotkeys.
  • Repair Hammer, Magic Puppet, Power Up items and countable items (materials, etc.) are not included in this limit.

Life Skill Changes

  • Fixed an issue where crafting armors would not appear. Production armor’s bonuses will be activated in the next patch.
  • Fixed some reported bugs about crafting (Aspen Tree demolition with Oak Tree animation, Alchemy level in production, etc.).
  • Added “Other” category to the Crafting window. This area can be used to convert the dishes specified and modified in the previous patch into potions (Carrot Soup -> Fire Resistance Potion, Tomato Soup -> Ice Resistance Potion, Cream of Mushroom Soup -> Lightning Resistance Potion, Fish Soup -> Poison Resistance Potion. Next Different recipes/changes in patches will be added to this section.
  • Removed penalty points applied to high tier pickups on low pickup materials.
  • Fixed an issue with 4 different items that were reported and detected as unobtainable in the fishing areas in the Death Valley region. In case of recurrence, please report.

Death Valley Event and New Bosses

  • Added boss creatures Frosthorn and Gor’Khan to the Death Valley map.
  • The respawn time of “Monument of Fate” on the Death Valley map has been updated to 90 minutes.
  • When the “Monument of Fate” on the Death Valley map is destroyed, boss creatures will appear so that the race that took the last hit (Gor’Khan if Protean, Frosthorn if Lunaskar) will be able to attack.
  • When Frosthorn and Gor’Khan creeps fall below 30% at each health level, 5 Frost Fist or Fire Fist creatures will spawn around them. In the final stage, 10 creatures will appear.

Skill Changes

  • Updated the duration of the “Smoke Bomb” and “Blinding” abilities to blind the opponent to 2 seconds.
  • The damage value of the Warrior class’s “Smite” skill has been increased.
  • The damage value of the “Spectral Spear” ability of the Warrior class has been increased and the chance to stun the opponent has been increased by 5%.
  • Fixed a bug in the “Preservation” skill of the Warrior class.
  • Fixed a bug with the “true damage” effective abilities of the Rogue class, updated to ignore enemy defense and apply damage based on attack value.
  • Fixed a bug with the Rogue class’s “Rush I” ability.
  • Damage values of “Flame Meteor, Sun Blast, Ice Meteor, Ice Blast, Lightning Meteor, Stormbringer” abilities of Mage class have been increased by 5%.
  • The direction error in the “Teleporting Portal” ability of the Mage class has been fixed, it will now teleport to the direction the character using the ability is facing.
  • The health regen amount of the Priest class’s “Mass Heal” ability has been updated to 9000.


  • Inventory expansion (additional bag) has been added to the game. It will be activated in the next patch with details.
  • The problem of showing the two dads in the Turkish language pack of the event calendar has been fixed.
  • Clan interface partially updated.

System and Optimization

  • General optimization work has been done.
  • Updated ban system in events. Players who leave the event with the “escape” button 2 times in 1 week will be banned from entering the event 3 times.
  • Users who have received an attack restriction penalty for group dungeon activity will not be able to participate until the penalty period expires.
  • Hud optimization has been added to the Settings menu for better performance and will be active by default.
  • The non-functional character delete button has been removed from the character selection screen.
  • All users’ game settings have been reset.
  • Updates have been made to the clan system. Click here for detailed information.
Rise Online: 4.1.0 Güncelleme NotlarıRise Online - 4.1.0 Patch Notes
Rise Online: 4.3.0 Güncelleme NotlarıRise Online - 4.3.0 Patch Notes
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