Skill Adjustments

  • The “casting failed” problem in Priest class abilities has been resolved.
  • Fixed a bug where the “Bloodlust” skill would animate on boss group creatures.
  • The hit rate of “Kaleb’s Silence” has been updated to 70%.
  • The hit rate of the “Smoke Bomb” skill has been updated to 50%.

General Regulations

  • Season battle points have been reset.
  • XP Boost items obtained with event rewards have been made non-tradable/tradable, and the requirement to use them within 3 days has been added.
  • The mouse cursor clicking problem that occurs when UI Optimization is turned on and the problems in the general chat window have been fixed.
  • Penalties will no longer be applied when the “Mount Race” event is abandoned.
  • Updated the matchmaking system of the “Mount Race” event to be independent of battle points.
  • Work has been done on the problem of falling down from bridges on the Death Valley map.
  • Visual improvement on shield glow effects.
  • Fixed an issue where the item “Heallreaver” would not appear in the Auction House.
  • The rogue class mission armor named “Rogue Heavy Plate Cuirass” has been added to the “Cleaning Up The Shore” mission.
  • The error that you cannot use “Gender Change Scroll” and “Faction Change Scroll” while additional bag is active has been fixed.
  • Updated the “Thunderbreath” creature’s health. (637772 HP -> 937772 HP)
  • The game has been adjusted so that an announcement will be made in case of obtaining “Epic” and “Unique” quality jewelry.
  • “Heroism Scroll” has been added to the store, which adds 10 points to all your stat points for a certain period of time.
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  • Updated the “Macro Captcha” system.
img 73ba6b956ca41f440815086f7c5a6fa9
  • When the Recaptcha window first appears, use the “+” and “-” keys at the bottom of the window to make the numeric keypad horizontal.
img ef9d781a64e83acc4d38e91b13ffa246
  • After turning the numeric keypad horizontal, you can enter the Captcha code.