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General Regulations

  • Season score reset.
  • Fixed the time issue in repeatable weekly missions.
  • Global chat system level limit has been adjusted as 1-75.
  • Fixed the issue of not counting when taking 2 of the Hell Guardian monster slaying quests.
  • Fixed the animation issue with the master 20 skill in the Protean Priest Male class.
  • Exp rate lost by the losing team (level 70-79) on the Crystal Fortness map has been adjusted to 12.000.000m.
  • Updated item icons for collecting and crafting.
  • A general arrangement was made in the profession of alchemy. Added Small Mana Potion, Small Health Potion, Medium Mana Potion, Medium Health Potion, Big Mana Potion, Big Health Potion, Great Mana Potion, Great Health Potion item production.
  • The possibility of obtaining “Craft Coin” items from productions has been added to the alchemy profession.
  • Added potion swap recipes to “Crafting > Others”.
  • Trade recipes in “Crafting > Others” have been linked to related professions.
  • Fixed some reported bugs in collection and production.
  • Work has been done on the problem of the game closing automatically during teleporting.
  • Optimization settings have been improved.