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General Regulations

  • Fixed the problem of throwing the item to the main page after buying an item in AH.
  • The time to withdraw an item from AH while royal premium is active has been reduced to 24 hours.
  • Fixed the issue where the PM screen would turn off when the map is changed.
  • The ability of the player who completed the race on the mount race map to use abilities has been disabled.
  • The ability of users who are racing on the mount race map to use abilities to players who have completed the race has been turned off.
  • Attacking the opponent with R on the mount race map has been disabled.
  • Fixed the issue where players who level up on dungeon maps are kicked out of the map.
  • An error message will appear when a trade is made to a player waiting in the dungeon turn.
  • The number error in the npc interface has been fixed in the missions where multiple kills are requested.
  • Fixed a bug in the enemy player’s skill bar when using the Rogue master 25 ability.
  • The damage dealt to users by Centaur Chieftain, Lizard Dragon, Cobra King, Spider Queen, Bloodspiller, Thunderbreath, Frosthorn and Gor’Khan has been increased.
  • Fixed some reported crafting time bugs.
  • The experience points provided by the production of “Arius Blessing” in the alchemy profession have been updated to 40. (120 -> 40)
  • Material icons updated.
  • The chance of obtaining “Craft Coins” from the productions of the alchemy profession has been reduced.
  • General optimization has been done.
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