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General Regulations

  • Fixed the issue where creatures damage the characters that log into the game or are removed upon death.
  • Fixed the issue where incorrect Tax value was displayed in AH and normal market system.
  • Fixed the Teleporting Portal ability not teleporting.
  • Updated Torture skill level to 3.
  • Baton of Fire, Baton of Ice, and Baton of Lightning abilities updated to 82.
  • Scorching Spray, Lightning Spray, and Ice Spray skill level updated to 85.
  • Resilient skill level has been updated to 60.
  • Fixed the damage bug in the Freezing Ray ability.
  • Attack bonus all class text in the bonuses of the Blue Dragon jewelry set has been updated to AP Bonus (Physical).
  • Fixed the Dread servant quest description.
  • The rank table that appears when pressing the Alt key on the mount race map has been closed.
  • Fixed the Exit button issue on the mount race map.
  • Work has been done on the problems of falling under the map as a result of using blink in the mount race map.
  • Added mute button to PM screen.

Rise Online - 5.0.4 Patch Notes
  • Blacksmith npc is disabled when the market is established.
  • Crafting turned off while the craft window is closed.
  • Disabled clicking the cancel and preview button during item upgrade.
  • Fixed the issue of showing/hiding in the settings of the Wing item.
  • Disabled crafting while Row Assistant is active.
  • Fixed the problem of pm sending 2 times from the friendship section.
  • Fixed the issue where tax in trade stages would display 0.
  • Added a countdown indicator to the character selection screen.
  • Fixed the issue where the active pm screen would reappear when changing characters.
  • A 10 second cooldown has been set for Row start/stop buttons.
  • When there are more than the desired number of collection missions, the notification message will not appear on the screen again.
  • Fixed the issue where pearl materials in the group dungeon were thrown into the bag.
  • Added PM shortcut icon to AH interface.
Rise Online - 5.0.4 Patch Notes
  • Changed the text color of all 1 items in AH to red.
  • Fixed the issue where the quest info screen stays in the background when minimized.
  • Clan player limit updated to 30.
  • Fixed the issue where changed font sizes would be restored when a player leaves the party.
  • Fixed typos found in daily login rewards.
  • Edited to tooltip descriptions:
    • The phrase “Expires after claimed” indicates that the item will expire in 7 days after it is taken into your inventory, even if you do not equip it.
    • The phrase “Expires after equipped” indicates the duration of use of the relevant item after it is equipped.
Rise Online - 5.0.4 Patch Notes