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Hello friends,

There will be no update notes. You can see the changes made below.

  1. Fixed an issue with recovery potions produced in Craft-Alchemy.
  2. The feature of Baked Bonito craft food has been updated.
  3. It will give an error if the same value is pressed on the item while the Costume Bonus Scroll is being pressed.
  4. Added 30 sec cooldown to Priest passive Invincible skill.
  5. A skill book has been added to Auction House.
  6. R.O.W Assistant will automatically shut down if a town is discarded while using R.O.W Assistant. All party members’ R.O.W Assistant will be disabled when Mage characters use the Recall ability.
  7. The problem of closing when changing camps in newly unlocked abilities has been fixed.

Source: https://forum.riseonlineworld.com/konular/14969/