Last updated on 20 March 2023.

How to obtain Twitch Common, Elite and Exclusive Chest?

Twitch Common Chest
Twitch Elite Chest
Twitch Exclusive Chest

These are treasure chests that can be earned by watching Rise Online streams on

You are entitled to receive one of these chests when you fill the desired time by watching a channel that activates drop gains in the process where the Rokosoft (and Twitch) team activates the drops.

But before that, there is one step you need to do: linking your Twitch account and your Rise Online account.

How to link Twitch and Rise Online account?

  1. First of all, login to your Rise Online account on
  2. If you have not logged in yet, login to the
  3. Then we go to and link our Twitch account with our Rise Online account from that page. We approve the permissions to be issued.
  4. After this process, our accounts are linked, all we have to do now is to watch the streams while the drop gains active.

Where can I track my drop earning progress?

You can track your status by going to Twitch’s Drop and Rewards page.

What can I get from Twitch Common Chest, Twitch Elite Chest, and Twitch Exclusive Chest?

You can get Shop items as drops from Twitch Common Chest, Twitch Elite Chest and Twitch Exclusive Chest. This includes items such as potions, scrolls, cloaks.

Can I trade Twitch Common Chest, Twitch Elite Chest ve Twitch Exclusive Chest?

No, you can only send these chests to your side characters via the bank.