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What’s new

  • Inferno Temple event has been activated. It will start every day at 08:00 and 20:30 (GMT+3).
  • New premiums have been added to the store.
  • New Clan Gauntlet and Cloak system has been activated.
  • New “Radiant Armor” set has been added to the game. You can get it from Bael, Archdeamon and Deathlord creatures in Death Valley.
  • Shield of Hope, Mystic Bow, Scimitar, King’s Ornate Hammer, Razu Staff, Vanquisher and Reaper items have changed their appearance.
  • With the Tome of Ability item, you will be able to unlock your unlearned abilities without giving extra coins and skill books.
    • Can be obtained from the Inferno Temple boss.
  • Gaze Branch Belt and Gloom Belt items have been added to the game.
Gaze Branch Belt
Gloom Belt
  • The cape type selection system has been activated.
    • You will be able to choose between the clan cloak type, whether you want NFT, store & in-game obtained cloaks or Deckclothes.
  • Onyx Crystal, Red Crystal, Yellow Crystal and Green Crystal drops have been activated. You can get the following valuable items:
    • Chaos Earring, Divine Earring, Blue Dragon Earring, Warlord Earring, Chaos Ring, Divine Ring, Blue Dragon Ring, Warlord Ring, Gaze Branch Belt (New), Gloom Belt (New), Blessing Belt, Unique Accessory Shard, Kings Ornate Hammer (+1), Deathwish (+1), Mystic Bow (+1), Axe of Miracle (+1), Lance of the Champion (+1), Gunnar’s Sabre (+1), Celestial Shield (+1), Shield of Prophecy (+1), Archmage’s Fire Staff (+1), Archmage’s Frost Staff (+1), Archmage’s Thunder Staff (+1) and Nighthorror (+1).

General changes

  • Auction House system is under maintenance until further notice.
  • Kaleb’s Dungeon entry time will be reset at 12:00 (GMT+3) every day.
  • Celestial Chest quest kill count has been updated to 100 and minimum level to 84.
  • Costume Enhancement (P. Def) item has been removed from vendor.
  • The coin amount of all creatures has been reorganized.
  • The coin algorithm obtained from creatures while partying has been reorganized.
  • The Brutaurs on the Death Valley map has been removed and replaced with the Baels.
  • The missing NPC zone for the Lunaskar race has been added to the Death Valley map.
Death Valley
  • The Gloomgong creature has been removed from the Death Valley map.
  • The number of Archdemon slots on the Death Valley map has been increased to two.
  • Black Soul Pendant, Black Moon Pendant, Black Soul Ring, Vitality Ring, Vitality Necklace, Vitality Earring, Earring of Persistence, Obsidian Pendant, Obsidian Earring and Obsidian Ring items have been updated to be used only by priest classes.
    • Characters equipped by a class other than Priest cannot benefit from their bonuses.
  • Dagger of Balance, Deathwish, Jade Dagger, Enhanced Jade Dagger, Dark Mamba, Penetrator, Enhanced Viper, Mystic Bow, Viper, Elven Bow, Warbow, Axe of Miracle, Mithril Spear, Lance of the Champion, Vanquisher, Scimitar, Jade Sword and Sword of Terror items’ bonuses have been reworked.
    • This is not the general item update mentioned in the previous update.
  • Defense values of 95% of the creatures have been reduced.
  • Ping indicator has been turned off.
  • Market sale of the Royal Premium item has been discontinued.
  • Market sale of 3500 Max HP Increase item has been discontinued.
  • The ability to sell in the Auction House and free skill & stat reset feature in Elite Premium has been turned off and other features have been updated.
    • You will be able to use your active premiums with their old features.
  • Golden Snake item has been added to the drop list of Mountain Harpie, Scavenging Harpy, Cunning Harpie, Ravenous Harpy and Harpy Queen creatures at a low rate.
  • Ancient Sledgehammer (+1), Reaper (+1), Shield of the King (+1), Penetrator (+1), Razu’s Staff (+1) and Heirloom of Kaleb (+1) can now be obtained from Thunderbreath creature.
  • Gor’Khan and Frosthorn creatures now grant Reaper (+1), Penetrator (+1), Razu’s Staff (+1) and Heirloom of Kaleb (+1).
  • Soulburner (+1) can now be obtained from the Overlord creature.
  • The Spider Queen and Chupabat creatures can now craft the Angelic Sword (+1) item.
  • Sword of Terror (+1) item can now be obtained from Bloodspiller creature.
  • Phoenix creature now has Dragon Slayer (+1) item.
  • Maelstrom (+1) item can now be obtained from Cobra King creature.
  • Ancient Sledgehammer (+1) item can now be obtained from Lizard Dragon creature.
  • Vanquisher (+1) item can now be obtained from Naiad creature.
  • Centaur Chieftain creature can now be equipped with Shield of the King (+1).
  • Rare accessory drops have been removed from all creatures, now you can only get them from dungeon creatures.
  • Rune drops have been removed from creatures, you can now only obtain rune items from boxes and dungeon creatures.
  • Updated the drop list of all dungeon events.
  • Royal Chest and Gold Chest drop rates have been updated. You can get the following valuable items:
    • Dark Mamba (+1), Viper (+1), Axe of Destruction(+1), Scimitar (+1), Stormbringer (+1), Kaleb’s Hate (+1), Luna’s Fire Rod (+1), Luna’s Glaze Rod (+1), Luna’s Flash Rod (+1), Judgment Shield (+1), Shield of Prophecy (+1), Jade Dagger (+1), Warbow (+1), Jade Sword (+1)

Skill changes

  • Updated the skill point required to activate the Torture skill to 2.
  • The skill score required to activate the Invisible Curtain skill has been updated to 12 (from 2000 to 1500, from 2500 to 2000, from 3000 to 2500, and from 4000 to 3000, respectively).
  • Reduced the amount of health provided by the Ultimate Endurance, Chosen, Infinity and Divinity skills.
  • Miracle’s cooldown has been removed.
  • Minor Sacrifice’s cooldown, mana cost and regenerated health have been halved.
  • Swordstrike, Tectonic Strike, Swordquake Slam, and Earthshaker Strike have been slightly increased in damage and area of effect.
  • Removed the animation from the Rampage skill.
  • The working principle of the “Sacred Armor” and “Preservative” skills that work passively in the Master class has been changed.
    • In our old system, the amount of damage dealt directly reflected the damage by reducing the damage by -10% or -15% to characters with the relevant skills open. However, with the new system, the damage amount will be written directly, and the damage will decrease in percentage on the opponent’s system information screen: If the damage you hit the opponent appears as 1000 damage to you, this damage will appear as 850 damage to the player whose (Preservative) skill is active.
  • Being not to work on monsters info has been added to the Fire Trail skill description.
  • Fixed the damage issue with the Mace Strike skill.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed the issue with gathering materials hanging in the air.
  • Fixed the issue with some creatures on the Svaland map falling to the ground.
  • Fixed the issue where the icon of skills in the skill bar would disappear when moving them.
  • Prevented the market from being rotated while the market is set up.
  • Fixed the issue where another player would kick you out of the market screen while you were viewing an active market.
  • Fixed an issue where the Black Mummy creature slot on the Protean side of the Death Valley map would respawn in the wrong location.
  • Added the missing Cyplops slot on the Protean side of Death Valley.
  • Added the missing Brutal Frog creature to the Death Valley Protean zone.
  • Fixed an issue with the Dread Cyplos slots on the Death Valley map.
  • Fixed incorrect grip position for Protean Priest, Lunaskar Warrior and Rogue class weapons.
  • Fixed the incorrect elemental resistance values of the Belt Of Iron Legionnaire jewelry at “+1 +2 +3 +4 +5” level.
  • Updated the crafting time of the Mage Sage Hat item in the Craft section to 3 minutes.
  • Turned off the use of Swordstrike, Tectonic Strike, Swordquake Slam and Earthshaker Strike on dead characters.
  • Fixed the damage tab issue in Warrior AoE skills.
  • Fixed the issue with EXP, Gold, BP, Gathering, Crafting bonus events that Kings can activate.