Last updated on 25 December 2023.

Inferno Temple is a PvPvE event added to the Rise Online in the patch 8.0.0. While players fight creatures, they also fight opposing players.

Event details

  1. Total Event Duration: The event lasts for a total of 40 minutes.
  2. Automatic Party Formation: Parties will be automatically formed upon entering the event.
  3. Rooms and Creatures: There are a total of 4 rooms in the event, with the 4th room being a shared room for both races. The rooms are designed with 4 creatures in the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd rooms. The 4th and final room contains a BOSS. The team whose player delivers the last hit to the BOSS wins the event. If the BOSS is not defeated within 40 minutes, the winning team will be determined based on the score. Each room has a total duration of 10 minutes, and the doors will automatically open at the end of 10 minutes.
  4. Event Schedule: The event will occur twice a day at 08:00 and 20:30(GMT+3).
  5. Party Formation: At the start of the event, parties will be formed primarily among level 85 players with high season points. The formation will continue with decreasing levels and season points towards the lower rooms.
  6. Class Distribution: Parties will be distributed with 2 Rogue, 2 Priest, 2 Mage, and 2 Warrior based on levels. (Note: There is a minimum requirement of 1 Priest and 1 Mage in each group. If there are not enough players from these classes, they may not be assigned to your group.)
  7. Equal Participation: An equal number of players from both races can participate in the event. (For example, if there are 2000 Lunaskar and 2800 Protean players, 2000 players from each race can participate.)

Event requirements

To participate in the event, you must be at least level 80. No seasonal points are required for entry.

Event reward system

  • The first team to reach 100 Kill points wins the Inferno Event.
  • The BOSS in the 4th room is worth 100 points. In case of mutual damage, the race of the player who delivers the last hit wins the event. The player dealing the most damage to the creature earns the right to open its loot box.

Level 85 rewards

  • Winning team: 2x Onyx Crystal.
  • In case of a tie, both teams receive: 1x Red Crystal.
  • Losing team: 1x Green Crystal.

Level 83-84 rewards

  • Winning team: 2x Red Crystal.
  • In case of a tie, both teams receive: 1x Yellow Crystal.
  • Losing team: 1x Green Crystal.

Level 80-82 rewards

  • Winning team: 2x Yellow Crystal.
  • In case of a tie, both teams receive: 1x Green Crystal.
  • Losing team: 1x Green Crystal.

Additional info about the Inferno Temple

  • Players leaving the event by using “Exit” twice will receive a 3-entry ban.
  • Clicking the “Teleport” button will always teleport you to the starting room.
  • Your respawn point changes when you kill creatures in each room. You can only teleport to forward points using the “Escape” and “Recall” abilities.
  • The use of the “Summoning Scroll” item is active for the Mage class. (You can obtain it from the Supply Merchant.)
  • Teleportation abilities are disabled in areas with iron doors and stairs.
  • Doors will automatically open every 10 minutes, even if creatures are not killed.

Inferno Temple screenshots

Inferno Temple - Rise Online
Inferno Temple - Rise Online
Inferno Temple - Rise Online
Inferno Temple - Rise Online
Inferno Temple - Rise Online
Inferno Temple - Rise Online