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Rise Online – Upgrade Chances

Rise Online – Upgrade Chances

There is an upgrade system to improve items in Rise Online. With this system, many items can be advanced up to +8 using various scrolls.

Although the upgrade chances are different based on the type of each item and the scroll used, the developer team shared this information as a general summary at average chances. You can see these data in the tables below.

Chances are: Guaranteed (100%) > Very likely > Probably > Unlikely > Very Unlikely

Note: By using Arcana Scroll, upgrade chances can be increased a bit.

Without Arcana Scroll:

Item gradeCommonRareEpicUnique
+2GuaranteedGuaranteedGuaranteedVery Likely
+3GuaranteedGuaranteedVery LikelyVery Likely
+4Very LikelyProbablyProbablyProbably
+8Very UnlikelyVery UnlikelyVery UnlikelyVery Unlikely
Without Arcana Scroll.

With Arcana Scroll:

Item gradeCommonRareEpicUnique
+8UnlikelyVery UnlikelyVery UnlikelyVery Unlikely
With Arcana Scroll.

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