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With the announcement of the new servers and official release for Rise Online, interest in the game increased significantly, and naturally, questions such as how to make money from Rise Online began to arise in the minds of many players.

In this article, we will talk about some of the methods on how you can make money on Rise Online.

The methods described here are listed for general summary purposes. Note that the game may have updated from time to time and the income from these methods may be dynamic.

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Content will continue to be expanded over time.

Making Money as a Solo Player

1. Ancient Item Farm

It is one of the most familiar and inexpensive methods. There are Ancient weapons in the game, which are called “çöp item” by Turkish players. Although these weapons cannot be upgraded, their selling price to NPCs is quite high compared to normal weapons of the same level.

Here is an example of an Ancient item:


Some of the Ancient item farm slots:

  • Haddar / Hagard: Lizardman, Black Mummy, Overseer

2. Epic / Unique Upgrade Scroll Farm

Epic and Unique Upgrade Scrolls can be dropped from many creatures in the game. While the NPC’s selling price for Epic Upgrade Scroll is 1,400,000 Coins, and for Unique Upgrade Scroll is 2,960,000 Coins, you can earn income by selling them on Online Merchant by cutting the sell price just a bit below these NPC prices (or by examining the market price and adjusting accordingly).

3. Dungeons

Note: Requires Premium.

There are dungeons in Rise Online that can be entered as solo and in groups. You can drop various valuable items by entering these dungeons. Of course, this method depends on your luck, as there is no such thing as dropping items from every dungeon you enter.

You can learn which dungeon you can enter at which level and which items you can drop in our Dungeons guide.

4. Life Skills (Gathering & Crafting)

There are many life skills in Rise Online, divided into gathering and crafting categories. You can earn in-come by gathering products such as minerals and herbs and selling them in the Online Merchant, or you can save them and use them in crafting life skills. In this way, you have the chance to earn income by crafting various potions, weapons, armor and accessories.

Especially Roasted Corn, Roasted Potato, Asparagus with Poached Egg, Potatoes with Mushroom, Salmon in Tomato Sauce and Tomato Quiche dishes, which give EXP and Coin bonuses, will be in high demand on new servers, as they increase EXP and Coin gain. You can earn pretty nice in-come by gathering the materials needed for these.

For your questions such as what can be gathered and crafted by which life skill, you can check out our detailed guides on life skills in our Life Skills guide here.

5. Upgrade

This is a somewhat dangerous method. First of all, you need to have some capital. While you have the chance to increase this capital by purchasing and upgrading various items, on the contrary, you also have the chance to lose it. Check out the market and try to identify the best-selling items and try to upgrade them.

Let me remind you again, this is a somewhat dangerous method. If you like to take risks, it’s up to you.

Making Money With Your Friends

1. Boss Chasing

Many bosses spawn in Death Valley. By chasing these with your team, you can drop various Epic and Unique items and earn large amounts of GB.

2. Epic Item Farm In Slots

In fact, this method can also be added to solo money-making methods list, but especially on new servers, solo players may have difficulty with this method at first, as most clans will farm the slots as a team.

You can earn Epic items by forming a party in high level slots. You have the chance to earn income by selling these item.

Note: Rare items can also lets you earn money on new servers. As the number of Epic items will increase over time, the market for Rare items will also decrease.

I Got Many GBs, But How Can I Turn It into Real Money?

You can convert the GBs you earn into real money by selling them to various epin sites. Since the GB market is not stable, it will be beneficial for you to sell it to the site that buys it at the highest price (of course, be careful of untrustworthy sites).