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  • The 15% bonus campaign that applies to “All Rise Cash Products”, which is active for the first time in the history of Rise Online World, has started.
9.0.4 Patch Notes
  • The Blood Valley in-game event, which was to open on March 15, has been moved to March 5.
  • Kingdom vaults have been reset on Galia and Mantis servers. Elections for the new kingdom will begin on March 5. (To be a king candidate, the clan level must be at least 3.)

What’s new

  1. 50 daily enemy killing quest have been activated on the Death Valley.
    • [Quest] Players level 74 – 76 can accept the quest from Dua and [Quest] Gurang.
    • The quest will be available to progress on every day between 19:00-01:00 (GMT+3).
    • Chest of Development is closed to trading.
      • You can access the Chest of Development drop list from our Chest Drop List guide.
Chest of Development
Chest of Development
  • You can progress on the quest in the marked areas in the screenshot:
img 9d0e6df0eb49372fc9577287641c9b70
  1. Haddar Lighlands 5 ve Hagard Castle 5 kanalları aktif hale getirildi.
    • Only players with season points of 5,000 and above will be able to access these channels.
    • The amount requested to enter the channel may change in the future.
  2. Yetenek barı kayıt sistemi aktif edildi.
    • You can use this feature every 10 minutes.
img 487eeccb1b94138c201a92da98d4375f
img a1d20e0ee697f75eeb2032756a990124
  1. The server name you are on has been added to the upper right corner.
img 908ba704c99b31858c23c437d5b44761
  1. Added Magical Looter and Matta FX hiding feature.
img 2cb3e87e80bc6b70ecf7785602ff8e30
  1. Party bar has been updated. When the durability of the items of the players in the party drops to zero, the following icon will appear next to the character name.
img 709a4f7fa27c2b2c733f1a52121cb5e3
img 2f07af65df90d6792dfd64e267c34408
img cdd814529fc2d18b1f5b502b88a3ef9a
img bcd6652d0e3c0f6cce389ad75d54e28a


  1. The problem of not registering in the Clan / Item cloak display options has been fixed.
  2. Fixed the issue where premiums were not visible for some players in dungeons.
  3. Skill / Stat fast swap save buttons have been activated.
  4. Click closing errors in the Potion Merchant, Supply Merchant, Storage Keeper NPCs and the Crafting window have been fixed.
  5. Mount Race event rewards have been changed. Now only players who finish the race between 4-10 ranks will earn Treasure Tokens.
  6. Obtaining Skill book from monuments on the Death Valley map has been removed. Instead, 4 new mini bosses (Lizardbane, Wyrmcaster, Lizardflame, Lizardblade) that will spawn every 4 minutes have been added to the Death Valley map. You will be able to obtain Skill books from these creatures.
    • These creatures will only be active in Death Valley 1 and Death Valley 2 channels.
    • Drop rate is 15%. If you have Farm Premium, it’s 30%.
img 65e919c479eaf9faeb833410c6594397
img f05fdf4739b97b9b269e2090ba4aa1f0
img 56d47f10bf688c3ab1eb61606bf81f1f
img e25a8882dffca1f3552c51213f337bcf
  1. The repair fee required for the Rogue class quest weapon “Assassin Dagger” has been increased.
  2. The issue where pearls in the Dragon’s Lair dungeon could break when inserted into their slot has been removed.
  3. If you have Battle or XP Premium, no money will be deducted from the skill / stat reset even if you reset while using another premium that requires a fee.
    • The amount of coins with fee will appear on the screen, but the fee will not be deducted.
  4. When the Arcana Scroll is placed in the upgrade window, its hiding from the inventory is activated.
  5. Fixed the issue where skills from the Mount Race event were not deleted in the Bag Expansion.
  6. A work was done on the issue of party characters not appearing when R.O.W.A is active.
  7. The FX of the grade +8 and +9 Lance of the Champion, Hellreaver and Improved Hellreaver weapons have been revised.
  8. Work was carried out to ensure that collection objects do not spawn underground and to minimize the problem.
  9. Added HP Bonus to each level of the Aurora Belt.
  10. Valiant and Obsidian accessories are updated. You can see the current versions on the Rise Online Wiki.
  11. On the Death Valley map, a study was conducted on the spawning areas of gatherable items that would be more equitable depending on their distance from the Protean and Lunaskar regions.
  12. A work has been done regarding the issue of falling underground when using the “Blink” skill in the Mount Race event.
  13. Exalted and Superior Exalted items have been added to the game. They can be obtained from the Weapon Smithing and the Chest of Development.
  14. Season points have been reset on Aarvad, Galia and Mantis servers.
    • Season point rewards will be sent only for Aarvad server. For Galia and Mantis servers, this event started on 1 March 2024.

Life Skill Changes

  • Weapon Smithing and Jewel Crafting life skills have been fully revamped.
  • Archaeology update is live.
  • Updated the “Puffer”, “Blue Marlin” and “Swordfish” items obtained from Fishing. Click here for up-to-date info.
  • The Holywood gathering and crafting level in the Carpentry life skill has been updated to level 10, the Firefly Wood gathering and crafting level has been updated to level 20, and the Soulsage gathering and crafting level has been updated to level 30. Charcoal crafting levels have been updated to level 1-10-20-30 respectively.
  • The Iron Bar crafting level in the Smelting life skill has been updated to level 10, the Silver gathering and crafting level has been updated to level 10, and the Gold gathering and crafting level has been updated to level 20.
  • The Marble Block crafting level in the Stonemasonry life skill has been updated to level 20, and the Granite Block crafting level has been updated to level 30.
  • Exchange options for the Cooking life skill have been added to the Crafting > Others section.
  • Stone chests, which you can obtain by exchanging certain materials, have been added to the Crafting > Others section. You can obtain items called “Rare stones” from these chests. These rare stones have been removed from the drop tables of in-game creatures and other chests. Click for detailed information.
  • Wood, iron and leather exchange options in the Crafting > Others section have been removed.
  • Ancient Tree, Ancient Mine and Ancient Stone gathering objects have been added to the Death Valley. Click for detailed information.
  • Lamb Cutlet has been removed from the Cooking life skill.
  • The bonuses for the Roasted Corn, Roasted Potato, Salmon in Tomato Sauce, Grilled Perch with Potatoes and Egg Stuffed Peppers in the Cooking life skill have been activated.
  • Incorrect Marble Block and Granite Block recipes in the Stonemasonry have been fixed.
  • Issues in the gathering objects in Death Valley such as Holywood, Firefly Tree, Sagesoul, Silver have been fixed.
  • The number of materials for the “Elephant” gatherting object in the Haddar / Hagard regions has been increased to 10 (was 3).
  • The incorrect crafting time and cooldown time values in the crafting interface were changed and corrected.

Account Security

  • If you do not use a security method for your logins other than the computer you are currently logged in to, a login verification code will be sent to your e-mail address registered in your account.
  • If you use the e-mail verification option, the verification codes sent to you are valid for 24 hours. You will be able to log in to your account for 24 hours with the verification code sent, unless you enter it from a different computer.

In-Game Events

Rise Online 1st Month Celebrations
Rise Online 1st Month Celebrations
Rise Online 1st Month Celebrations