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Rise Online (officially Rise Online World) is a massively multiplayer online role-playing game, an MMORPG developed by Rokogame Studios, owned by Rokosoft, with the Unreal Engine 4 game engine.

Downloading and Installing the Game

You can download and install the client from

System Requirements

The system requirements for Rise Online World are as follows:

64-bit Windows 7 / 8.1 / 10Operating System64-bit Windows 7 / 8.1 / 10
Intel Core i3-2105 / AMD A8-3850Processor (CPU)Intel Core i7-4770K / AMD FX-9590
8 GBMemory (RAM)16 GB
GeForce GT 640 / Radeon HD 5750Graphic Card (GPU)GeForce GTX 1070 / Radeon RX 580
30 GB Available SpaceStorage50 GB Available Space (SSD)
Rise Online System Requirements

Creating an Account

You can register for the game on the official website of

Creating a Character


Currently, only server available in Rise Online is Aarvad.

Choosing a Race

There are basically 2 races in Rise Online: Protean and Lunaskar. Races do not have any pros or cons other than visual appearance. You can choose what you want.

Protean Protean

The Protean, a centuries-old empire, is a symbol of discipline and harmony in the world of Aarvad. Living in perfect harmony with the cycle of life and death, with their advanced architecture and aesthetic understanding, has always been a source of pride for the Proteans. Protean is the last level of civilization.

Protean description in the race selection screen.

Lunaskar Lunaskar

Lunaskar are those who choose to be mortal because living a second life reminds them of the losses, crimes and regrets they have experienced in their past lives. Unlike Proteans, they dislike discipline, refusing to live by any law or rule.

Lunaskar description on the race selection screen.


The game consists of 4 base classes: Rogue, Warrior, Priest and Mage.

You can check the relevant pages for Rogue, Warrior, Priest and Mage skills:


Rogue, can be Archer and Assassin.


Warrior; can be Attacker and Defensive Warrior.


Priest; can be Healer, Buffer and Debuffer Priest.


Mage; can be Fire, Ice and Lightning Mage.

Class Attributes


It affects the damage your attacks will be inflicted to the enemies.

Physical Defense (P. Defense)

It affects the damage inflicted to you by enemies.

Stat Points

There are 5 basic stat points that define classes: Strength, Health, Dexterity, Intelligence, and Magic.

Elemental Resistance

All classes have 6 different Elemental Resistances in Rise Online:

  • Fire Damage
  • Ice Damage
  • Lightning Damage
  • Special Damage
  • Curse Damage
  • Poison Damage

The higher an element’s resistance, the lower the damage taken from abilities and spells associated with that element.

Weapon Defense

Similar to Elemental Resistance, Rise Online also features Weapon Defense. There are 7 different Weapon Defenses as Dagger, Sword, Club, Claw, Axe, Spear and Bow, and again, similar to Elemental Resistance, the higher the defense of a weapon, the less damage you will take from attacks with this type of weapon.



In Rise Online, basic movement operation is provided with the mouse. Of course, you can also move with the WASD keys, but you can do this much more easily with your mouse cursor.


In Rise Online, items are divided into 3 basic categories: weapons, armor and jewelry.

You can find the comprehensive list of items in the game on our Items List page.


Quests are the primary focus of gaining EXP in Rise Online. All zones in the game have quests suitable for levels. Many of these quests give Coins and various extra rewards in addition to EXP.

You can access the list of all the quests available in the game on our Rise Online Quests page.

Life Skills

There are two types of Life Skills in Rise Online; Gathering and Crafting. Materials obtained through Gathering Life Skills are used in Crafting Life Skills.

For more detailed information about Life Skills, you can check our Rise Online Life Skills guide.

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