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What’s new

  • Level 85 cap has been activated on the Galia and Mantis servers.
    • Some quests between (1-75) levels have a level limit. (You can access these quests in the in-game “Quest Journal” section).
      • Celestiel Chest quest is not active on Galia and Mantis servers.
  • The Inferno Event has been activated on Galia and Mantis servers. Click here for more info.
  • Svaland dungeon has been activated on Galia and Mantis servers. Click here for more info.
  • Kaleb’s Dungeon has been activated on Galia and Mantis servers. Click here for more info.
  • ROW Assistant usage has been limited. After 10 hours, nothing can be obtained from the boxes (time reset at 22:00 GMT+3).
    • If the user who dealt the most damage to the creature has reached the limit, all party players cannot benefit from the boxes.
    • Expired users can continue to benefit from the boxes when they turn off ROW Assistant and attack manually.
  • Target bar design has been changed.







Friendly target

  • Spend 2 minutes dead in the Death Valley zone and you will be automatically teleported to your race home zone.
  • Dragon’s Lair dungeon’s Heroic mode has been transferred to Kaleb Dungeon. You can get the Chest of Legends item from Kaleb dungeon.
    • The first 50 users are eligible according to Battle Point ranking, each race and class separately.
    • The Chest of Legends item has been added to the game, with a list of some of the valuable items to be obtained in it:
      • Brawler’s Earring
      • Mystic Earring
      • Assassin Earring
      • Holy Priest Earring
      • Brawler’s Ring
      • Mystic Ring
      • Assassin Ring
      • Holy Priest Ring
      • Longevity Belt
      • Holy Priest Pendant
      • Brawler’s Pendant
      • Mystic Pendant
      • Assassin Pendant
      • Unique Accessory Shard
      • Tome of ability
      • Golden Bar
      • Belt of Iron Legionnaire
      • Elven Belt
      • Belt of Battle Mage
      • Lorna’s Belt
      • Sun Belt
      • Moon Belt
      • Belt of Repel
      • Belt of Anticipation
  • The ability to see the drops that can be released according to the clan level has been added to the clan dungeon difficulty levels.


  • The system where you can see the total donations of the players in the clan has been activated in the clan interface.
img 20403cb2db8dea5b0e32f55a1a627785
  • There will be a 50% speed difference between premium and non-premium characters in Gathering speed. (For example, if the non-premium character collects craft materials in 20 seconds, the premium character will collect them in 10 seconds).
    • Valid for Battle, XP and Farm premium. This change doesn’t includes Elite premium.
  • Complete Premium users are no longer required to switch to the premium that grants more free hours for the daily R.O.W.A time. The highest gifted R.O.W.A time will be automatically added to the account at 22:00 (GMT+3) every day.
  • Screen keyboard has been added to the account login screen.
img c8f776144fb22173b6fa6eddf51970eb
  • Mouse cursor has been renewed.
img 24c4f20f378cee65b282a12005c50e1d
  • A shortcut to copy name has been added to Trade window.
img ef961dffb899398249ad0f75c13c9719


  • Work has been done on the delay issue with the Warrior Blink skill.
  • The amount of Coin obtained from the creatures on the Dorion zone has been reduced.
  • You will not be able to earn Coin when you kill the creatures on the Dorion zones with characters of level 41 and above.
  • You will not be able to earn Coin and EXP when you kill the creatures in the Protean Kingdom and Lunaskar Kingdom zones with characters of level 71 and above.
  • The Crystal Fortress War event is re-organized as a mixed event. Lunaskar and Protean players will be able to match opposite race players in the same party.
  • The Ancient weapon drop rates for Paralyzed Dragonkin, Graveguard, Archdemon, Iron Thorn, Xayroth, Wingrend, Runic Golem, Rhoc, Gloomgong, Tyrant, Earth Golem, Ogre and Gravecrawler creatures on the Haddar and Hagard zones have been slightly reduced.
  • Xayroth, Rhoc, Earth Golem and Paralyzed Dragonkin creatures have been added to the Haddar and Hagard zones of the Galia and Mantis servers.
  • Added Bael creatures to the Death Valley zone of the Gaia and Mantis servers.
  • Added Exalted weapon drops to Bael and Deathlord creatures (available for all servers, you can find the specs of Exalted weapons on the Rise Online Wiki).
  • Plague Beast creature removed from Death Valley.
  • Paralyzed Dragonkin, Graveguard, Archdemon, Deathlord, Iron Thorn, Xayroth, Wingrend, Runic Golem, Rhoc, Gloomgong, Tyrant, Earth Golem, Ogre and Gravecrawler creatures now have 10% damage protection against Archers.
  • Centaur Chieftain, Lizard Dragon, Cobra King, Overlord, Bloodspiller, Phoenix, Wyvern, Razorclaw, Spider Queen, Frosthorn, Gor’Khan and Shallow Fever creatures now have 15% damage protection against Archers.
  • The EXP gained from Paralyzed Dragonkin, Earth Golem, Xayroth, Bael and Rhoc creatures was arranged according to their stat values.
  • The Unique Accessory drop rates of Onyx Crystal, Red Crystal, Yellow Crystal and Green Crystal items obtained from the Inferno event have been slightly reduced (applies to all servers).
  • Obtaining Ramadan Cloak from it’s Chest has been turned off.
  • Regalia of Apex Predator and Christmas Wing items have been added to the store.
  • Work has been done on the gray screen problem when returning to the character selection screen.
  • Fixed stuttering issues while moving in some option windows.
  • Fixed the error that occurs when you want to put 1000 or more items in the extra bag.
  • Fixed the bag window not moving when you lock the bar where active skills appear.
  • Fixed typos in the “Other Bonuses” section on the character info screen.
  • Fixed an issue where a skill or potion assigned to the mouse right click shortcut on the skill bar would use when you try to rotate the screen with right click.
  • Fixed an issue where another character’s information window would not open while moving.
  • Fixed an issue where the target bar rarely appeared above 100%.
  • The faction change option of candidates for the kingdom has been disabled.
  • Fixed the issue where Gold and Silver gathering materials in the Death Valley were not dropping.
  • The VFX of the Avenger at the gradfes +8 and +9 have been revised.
  • The crafting cost of Steel Ring in the Jewel Crafting has been revised to 14,400 Coins.
  • Fixed the incorrect life skill required to craft Steel Crosbow in the Weapon Smithing.
  • Revised the area of non-BP regions in the Death Valley.
  • Revised the areas of the regions where Mount Race teleportation skills are not used.
  • Animation duration of the “Escape” skill in the Mage and Priest classes has been increased to 2.20 (it was 1.60).
  • Common Stone Chest has been added to Crafting > Others menu. The materials required to craft Rare Stone Chest and Royal Stone Chest, the items in the chest and their ratios have been updated and optimized according to the game market.
  • The icons and info of “Stone Chests” have been updated.
  • Updated the descriptions of some items.
  • Optimization work has been done on the target marking system.
  • Fixed the visual effect issue when the Radiant clothing set is locked on the character.
  • Fixed the issue with mini bosses not counting to the quest in Group Dungeon “Heroic” mode.
  • A shortcut button has been added to the menu where you can see your active quests.
  • R.O.W.A interface will ask for confirmation when using “Reset” and “Apply Changes” options.
img 07065a4a50694ce1bc224156825b91ce
  • Fixed the issue where some parts of the character were invisible in the Lust Armor (Male) cosmetic armor.
  • Optimized VFX for all characters used in the game.
  • Optimization work was done on characters and hair.
  • The detail levels of the creatures in the game have been increased.
  • Removed site balance puzzle letters from dungeon drops.
  • EXP bonus limit from weapons, clothing and cosmetics has been updated from 50% to 100%.
  • Stone (sold at Supply Merchant NPC) item with a 33% drop rate has been added to the Sandstone gathering objects in the Dorion.
  • The bonus of dishes with the prefix Delicious that gives EXP bonus has been increased (20% -> 25%).

Skill Changes

  • Priest
    • Dispel and Miracle skill animations have been adjusted so that if you are attacked while they are in-action, the animation action cannot be interrupted.
  • Rogue
    • Confuse’s affect chance on the opponent has been reduced and this chance is now affected from Curse Resistance on the opponent.