Last updated on 24 May 2024.

Deathmatch is a “life-or-death” event added to Rise Online in patch 9.2.2.

  1. The event is held on the Death Valley and Deathmatch map.
  1. The event will be at level 85 and with end-game level items for each class.
    • Level limit may change.

Event Rewards

  1. st player gets Chest of Heroes
  2. nd player Unique Rune
  3. nd player Unique Rune
  4. rd player gets Epic Rune
  5. rd player gets Epic Rune
  6. rd player gets Epic Rune
  7. rd player gets Epic Rune
  8. th player gets Royal Chest
  9. th player gets Gold Chest
  10. th player gets Elite Chest

General info about Deathmatch

  • Event starts at 03:00 / 11:00 / 17:00 GMT+3 on everyday.
  • Each instance consists of 50 players.
  • Event timer is 15 mins.
  • You need to be minimum level 70 to participate in event.
  • There will a 1 minute preparing time when the event starts.
  • Rank will be determined by the number of kills, if the number of kills is equal, the number of deaths will be taken into account.
  • You will not be penalized if you leave the event early.
  • You can access the Scoreboard screen by pressing the “ALT” key.
  • BP gain is active in the event.

Things to know about Deathmatch

  • You can join the event from any teleport gate leading to the Death Valley.
  • When you first enter the event, you will be born dead. You can choose your class from the Deathmatch Menu.
  • There are preset builds for each class.
  • You can select class and gender by clicking on the icons.
  • All locked skills are active.
  • There are no creatures or gathering items on the event map.
  • NFT cloaks and costumes work at the event.
  • It will be activated with the event map and reward in the next update.
  1. You cannot perform any quests in the event zone.
    • You can accept quests, you can do them, but you cannot turn in them.
    • Bank usage is closed.
    • Trade is disabled.
    • A.H inbox is disabled.
    • Item deletion is disabled.
    • Purchasing items from the Shop is closed.
    • Skill and stat reset are disabled.
    • Dismantle is disabled.
    • Premiums are disabled in the event. They will be activated in the next update.