Last updated on 28 July 2022.

Blood Valley is a PvP based 20vs20 party (160vs160) event map. The duration of the event is 45 minutes in total.

Each team tries to collect points until the time runs out. The first team to reach 1500 points in 45 minutes wins. If 1500 points is not reached, the team with the most points at the end of the timer wins.



  • For each player of the opposite race you kill, your team earns 1 point.
  • When you destroy Monuments of both races, your team gains 50 Points.
  • When you destroy the big Monument in the middle, it gives your team 100 Points.

Event Hours

To log in to the event, the Join window will appear on your screen, you can click to register and enter.

Wednesday, Friday, Sunday

Start time: 22:00 (GMT+3)

Level limit: 60-65

Blood Valley Rewards

  • Winner team gets Royal Chest
  • Loser team gets Elite Chest