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A new premium service called Royal Premium has been announced on the official forum by Rise Online Community Manager SunRise.

So what are the features of this new Royal Premium, how much it costs, what is the difference from the other? Here are the answers to all of them.

Royal Premium

The new Royal Premium service added to the game comes with a lot of features. The features of Royal Premium, which is an EXP-focused premium package, are as follows:

  • 50% discount on EXP loss (same as old pack)
  • AH access (as well as with old package)
  • Item sales limit on AH is 12 (8 in old pack)
  • Item sales time on AH 48 hours (24 in old pack)
  • EXP bonuses:
    • 1-30: 300% (100% on former premium)
    • 31-50: 250% (50% on former premium)
    • 51-60: 200% (20% on former premium)
    • 61-75: 150% (10% on former premium)
    • 76-75: 75% (%5 on former premium)
  • 10% increase in item sales amount to NPC
  • +5 increase in battle points
  • Coin bonus 10% (5% in former premium)
  • 30% discount on item repair fee (10% in former premium)
  • 15% discount on item upgrade fee (10% in former premium)
  • 25% discount on teleport fee (10% in former premium)
  • 15% discount on the Rune placement fee (10% in former premium)
  • 20% discount on crafting fee (10% in former premium)
  • 20% bonus to the amount of EXP gained by crafting items (10% in former premium)
  • Free skill and stat reset
  • Max weight bonus 20% (10% in former premium)

Royal Premium has these features. Also, Royal Premium comes with a number of gifts:

  • 60 hours of ROW Assistant time (30 hours in former package)
  • 1000x Mega health potions
  • 1000x Mega mana potions
  • A random mount for 30 days
Rise Online Yeni Premium Paketi: Royal Premium
Elite Premium and Royal Premium feature comparison.

What will happen to the existing Premium?

The new name of the existing Premium package is Elite Premium. If you already have Premium time, this will continue to work, you will be able to switch between the two if you get the new Royal Premium.