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With the announcement first made via Discord on 2 January 2024, it was announced that Rise Online will complete the early access and be released as official on 26 January 2024, with the opening of 2 new servers (Galia and Mantis).

Things to Know About the New Servers: Galia and Mantis

  • There will be a server registration process for Galia and Mantis (and thus, it may not be possible to log in to both servers).
  • The level limit will be 75, and will be increased to 85 in the future.
  • There will be 35 channels (camps) in Dorion.
  • There will be a level limit for life skills.
  • Radiant armor sets will not be included. The highest armor set will be the Imperial Set.
  • It is stated that they are taking precautions against possible problems regarding lag.
  • Since Rise Cash is linked to the account, all Rise Cash purchased for the account can be used as desired, regardless of whether it is Aarvad or new servers.
  • The soulbind system will not be included (it has already been removed from the game altogether).
  • Future updates to the game (such as major content updates) will arrive in Aarvad first, and will then be activated in Galia and Mantis.

New Dorion and Revamped UI

In the Discord Q&A event held on 5 January 2024, it was announced that the Dorion map and UI will be revamped with an update before the new servers arrive, and a few screenshots were shared. You can see them below.

New UI

New Dorion

Rise Online - Yeni Dorion
Rise Online - Yeni Dorion