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Halloween Event

  • The event has ended, Halloween invaders have been removed.
  • Halloween quests will remain for one more week so you can still complete quests by collecting required items from players.

Daily Sign-in Rewards

  • Still on test phase, it’ll be activated with the next patch. Please report bugs until then.
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Skill Adjustments

  • Changed the level requirement of Retribution skill of Priest (68 -> 67).
  • Changed the color of Priest “shield skill” FX from yellow to blue for Proteans.
  • Shield skill of Priests will no longer block friendly players.

Group Dungeon Adjustments

  • Gates of certain areas will be open after certain amount of time when you’re in group dungeon.
    • 1st area (Desperate skull) will be open after 8 minutes.
    • 2nd area (Ogre-Orc Chieftain-Medusa-Veteran Orc) will be open after 16 minutes.
    • 3rd area (Scared Rae-Hell Guardian) will be open after 24 minutes.
    • 4th area (Jumping on columns) will have a teleporting portal after 28 minutes. The gate of Venomspiller will be open after 32 minutes after you’ve entered the dungeon.
    • 5th area (Pearls) will be open even if you haven’t put any of pearls after 40 minutes.
    • 6th area -The bridge- will be open after 48 minutes.

UI & UX Adjustments

  • You’ll receive a notification on the top of the screen when you complete a quest.
img 969222eee280edad167d567b8f736503
  • Added Turkish translations to the event schedule.
  • Fixed the bug that caused the mouse cursor to stick on the ui window.
  • Added “Lucky Draw” and “Mount Race (still on test phase)” events to the event schedule.
    • Lucky Draw (14:00, 19:00, 21:00, 01:00 GMT+3)
    • Mount Race (10:00, 15:00, 18:00, 03:00 GMT+3)

Item Adjustments

  • Attack power of Razu’s Staff has been increased by 16.
  • Attack power of Archmage’s Fire Staff has been increased by 12.
  • Attack power of Archmage’s Frost Staff has been increased by 8.
  • Attack power of Thunder Staff has been increased by 10.
  • Attack power of Enhanced Hysterial Staff has been increased by 6.
  • Added the “Adamantine Bar” that worth coins for the events.

Limit Adjustments

  • Changed the limit of “BP Bonus Per Kill” from 5 to 10.

System Adjustments

  • Improved the system of auto attack (R) mechanics.

Source: https://www.riseonlineworld.com/en/patch-notes/-patch-notes-3-2-3