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Christmass Events

We wish a happy year to all players.

General Adjustments

  • General work has been done on ++7, +8 and +9 surveillance patterns on weapons and hats. It remains active in the next patch.
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  • Updated the Group Dungeon Matchmaking system. While it was not possible to make an entry request without setting up a party of 8 people in the past, it is now possible to request entry with any number of participants. When the number of participants reaches 8, they will be taken to the dungeon.
  • Drop rates of the monsters have been increased.
    • On Death Valley; Archdemon, Deathlord, Undead King, Ravenous Harpy, Scavenging Harpy, Flame Rock, Black Mummy, Diviner, Poisonous Rock, Dread Cyclops on Death Valley.
    • Drop rates of ancient weapons on Death Valley; Archdemon, Deathlord, Undead King, Ravenous Harpy, Scavenging Harpy, Flame Rock, Black Mummy, Diviner, Poisonous Rock, Dread Cyclops.
    • On Kingdoms; Ravenous Harpy, Scavenging Harpy, Harpy, Soothsayer, Oracle, Flame Rock, Poisonous Rock, Cyclops, Skullsplitter, Clanguard, Snake Queen.
    • Drop rates of ancient weapons on Kingdoms; Flame Rock, Poisonous Rock, Cyclops.
    • On Hagard maps; Archdemon, Grim Reaper, Undead King, Tyrant, Troll Beast, Giant Fool, Graveguard, Gravecrawler, Runic Golem, Winged Maiden, Crimson Harpie, Venom Golem, Overseer, Cunning Harpie, Stinger, Lizardman, Vampiric Bat, Black Mummy, Mountain Harpie.
    • Drop rates of ancient weapons on Hagard maps;  Archdemon, Grim Reaper, Undead King, Tyrant, Troll Beast, Giant Fool, Graveguard, Gravecrawler, Winged Maiden, Stinger, Lizardman, Vampiric Bat, Black Mummy.
  • Gold gains from monsters have been increased on Hagard maps. 
  • +9 grades of weapons and armors have been activated. So you can upgrade your items to +9 from now on.
  • Upgrade chances to +3, +4, +5, +6 and +7 have been slightly improved. You can also upgrade your common items from +1 to +6 with Arcana Scroll by 100% chance, your rare and higher quality items from +1 to +5 with Arcana Scroll by 100% chance.
  • Soulbound system has been removed. All binded items will be unbinded with the next patch. However once you upgrade your binded item to a higher grade it will be unbinded from now on. 
  • Blood Valley War match-making system has been updated. Players will be accepted to the event according to their seasonal battle points. Factions will be matched in all BVW maps.
  • Fixed the visual error when Bloodspiller spawns. 
  • Increased the selling prices of Ancient weapons.
  • Updated all quests on Dorion.
  • Updated the Dread Servant quest.
  • Fixed the error when accepting “Kill 300 enemies on Death Valley”.
  • Increased the Max HP of crystals on Crystal Fortress War (CFW) and Blood Valley War (BVW) maps.
  • Fixed the error on Valiant Accessory Set.
  • Fixed the error of not finding some items on auction house.
  • Adjusted Warrior abilities that have a cooldown below 1 second to now all go on cooldown when using any of them.

Life Skill Adjustments

  • Fixed the error on gathering “Grape”. 
  • Fixed the required mining level to craft “Silver”.
  • Fixed the error on getting burnt food when preparing all foods. You will now obtain burnt food when you’re unsuccessful.
  • Updated the required fishing level of Elite Fishing Rod (Lv30 -> Lv20).
  • Increased the catching rate of Captain’s Red Box on Death Valley fishing spots. 
  • Increased the XP gain of potions on Alchemy Lv10 and higher.

Skill Adjustments

  • Increased the damage of “Penta Shot” and “Tripple Shot” skills of Archers.
  • Increased the damage of “Wand of Fire, Wand of Ice, Wand of Lightning, Shocking Breath, Freezing Breath, Fire Breath” skills of Mages. 

UI & UX Updates

  • Fixed the icons of Black Mummy skill and Burnt Food item.
  • Xmas Event UI has been added.
  • Players will now be able to see the chances of getting craft items. 


  • General optimization has been made.